Saturday, July 17, 2021

Nor'Easter Shaving Cream & Italia Aftershave

Company: Captian's Choice Products Nor'Easter Shaving Cream & Italia Aftershave

Captain’s Choice Nor’Easter has to be one of my favorites, but I never used the shaving cream just the shaving soap. Today we bring out the shaving cream and follow it up with something new for me called Italia aftershave. One would think they don’t exactly go together and you would be right but I still wanted to use it.

I like the packaging of the cream it comes in a smaller tub but you can use much less and get better results from the shaving cream formula. You have an opening to dip your brush in to do a face lather or you could take a dime-size amount in your hands and rub it into your beard with your fingertips.

Just like the shaving soap, the cream has the same wonderful scent which some have said is very close to 1982 Drakkar Noir. Sadly you’ll never know the notes of any product the Captain sells he avoids this by letting the customer figure it out on their own it is not listed on the product nor his website and I think it never will. The performance of this shaving cream is superior to the shaving soap and by that, I mean most creams are. They always offer more slickness and glide it just the nature of creams and this one is no exception. This will lather up to perfection and give you both the slickness and glide you crave as most tallow soaps do. My post-shave feel was outstanding. The Italia aftershave was a great ending to this shaving a surprising different scent that flipped the shave into a new direction a direction I liked just as much. I don’t have the notes on this because again they are not listed but I have to say I enjoyed it very much it reminded me of anisette. Company: Captian's Choice Products Nor'Easter Shaving Cream & Italia Aftershave

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