Saturday, August 14, 2021

Company: A&E
Product: A&E Vanille De Tabac

A while back I received a sample of A&E Vanille De Tabac this would be my first try using one of Peters products. I remember watching his Youtube videos and around 2015 or so I even tried honing for the first time it was a gathering in Belmont park that Billy T was giving and Peter was there. I had just purchased all the stones with a case and was eager to learn something new. I never did continue with honing I had no time to devote to it but loved seeing everyone involved. I think I have a Youtube Video of that day on my channel.

Now 6 years later Peter has done wonderfully in his online store and Club subscriptions and now he even has a brick-and-mortar store since he outgrew doing everything from his home. I wish him nothing but the best.

Vanilla de Tabac seems to be a play on a combination of scents. Tob*cco leaf, ginger, spice notes, tonka bean, cocoa, fruit accord. The sent is described this way Vanille de Tabac is a smooth oriental, opening immediately with opulent essences of tob*cco leaf and aromatic spice notes. The heart unfolds with creamy tonka bean, tob*cco flower, vanilla, and cocoa and finishes with dry fruit accord enriched with sweet wood sap.

I noticed the base ingredients and 4oz on all his soaps stay the same while the prices change? I’m trying to figure out what would cause this shift in price maybe popularity or maybe it's the new base? Not sure but that seems strange.

It turns out on the reverse side of the sample I shaved with it reads Kaizen base so his old base description on his website says it was considered among the top 1-5 bases in the industry so what does Kaizen land at? I don't know but I found it to be a good shaving soap but the top 1-5 base in the industry? I just learned we have a Kaizen 2 base as well. This offering is part of the Club “Signature” shaving soap which retails for $24.95 4oz. This seems to be a trend.

The lather I created was great and got right into the beard the slickness and glide were also good allowing me to go over trouble spots without fear of irritation. The post-shave feel was also very good.

So I had a great shave with Vanilla de Tabac (Kaizen). If you have never tried it before then see if they have samples. These soaps range from $24.95 for 4oz to $19.95 4oz I think the incentive here is to join the club so you get the 20% off. If this seems worth it to you go for it.

Company: A&E
Product: A&E Vanille De Tabac

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