Saturday, June 25, 2022

Captain's Choice Eucalyptus & Mr Warlock

This week we received a package from Captain’s Choice and inside we found a new aftershave called Eucalyptus. Also inside the box was a note explaining that the shaving soap is not available yet so with that information in hand I’m going to use my Mr. Warlock which is a Eucalyptus, camphor, and peppermint shaving soap. This shaving soap was such a hit I had to take it off the holiday release list due to the requests to make it available all year round. 

The focus is not on Mr. Warlock but if you want to witness the shave may I suggest taking a look at the YouTube video. I will however compare the eucalyptus scents which we took great pains in selecting for our shaving soap. I personally prefer our scent over the Captain’s but that’s not the complete story with this aftershave. 

The big surprise with Captain’s Choice eucalyptus is the try-down. It starts out with a heavy eucalyptus scent and then 30 sec later it turns to spearmint and that was an amazing experience. It was so good I had to apply it twice. This changed my opinion of Eucalyptus from just a good aftershave to a great one. I encourage you to give it a try but make sure you enjoy both eucalyptus as well as spearmint.

As always, Be kind to one another

Don Youngner

Wet The Face

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