Saturday, October 8, 2022

Shaving With eShave White Tea

If you’re thinking about using shaving cream you might want to try one from eShave. This company has been around since 1996. eShave took the traditional wet shaving concept and updated it to turn it into a transformational experience you could enjoy every day. They did this through unique scents, textures, high-quality ingredients, and looks.

eShave uses minimal packaging and is one of the first vegan lines with vegetable-based formulas. It is also a paraben-free, sulfate-free, SLES, and SLS-free line. The one thing that was interesting to me was formulas are constantly revisited and updated with today’s newest findings. So if you think you liked them years ago or even if you didn't, now could be a whole new experience for you.

I first tried this product with samples supplied to me by the company I loved it so much that I order a full 4oz cream for myself. Of all the samples sent White Tea was the winner for me. Such an outstanding scent that it actually improves the wet shaving experience.

There is no need to bowl lather since this is a cream and will lather with a brush full of water and a wet face. I was apple to paint it right onto my beard with amazing coverage all the while having the scent present. This lather provided top protection with slickness and glide allowing me to go over trouble spots without irritation and the post-shave feel was fantastic.

In this video, I also talk about two shows I've watched one being The Netflix Dahmer which is well done and very graphic in some spots. There is no way to tell this story without showing the horror he created. Since I had the time last week I watched my saved videos from BattleBots I can't tell you how much I love watching robots do battle in the ring. I recorded them in Aug and since each episode is about an hour the best way to watch them is by skipping all the bullshit and heading right to each fight. I often cheer out loud when a robot gets thrown in the air or catches fire it's just great fun for me.

Well that's it for this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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