Saturday, October 1, 2022

Shaving With Modern BarberShop

When I started Wet The Face I had only about 4 shaving soaps online now at the end of this year it will be over 40 with aftershave, Balms, and shaving bowls & brushes but I'll always remember the ones that started it all. Today I use one of the first shaving soaps I created called Modern BarberShop. In fact, it was just called BarberShop until I came out with Vintage BarberShop and had to make a distinction between the two.

The scent is actually a combination of a barbershop I was working on during my startup process and then went back and created another in a slightly different direction. They both worked out pretty well so I had this idea to combine them both and Modern Barbershop was born.

Our soap formula has only changed once since 2015 and I think for the summer of 2023 you might find a difference just in stiffness with the soap. Climate change is taking a toll on soft soaps like mine so to avoid the questions and 30min in the refrigerator when it arrives I'll try to make it a harder soap, not like a puck but just a little less soft so the heat will not affect it during shipping.

In the talking part of this video, I go over the many well wishes and kind words all of you had for my wife Mary it was truly overwhelming I thank you all. Mary is doing better she does have good and bad days but I know I can always turn to you guys when the going gets a little rough.

As for the video selection this week on Netflix I have to say Father Stu was a great movie about a real person and his struggles. Also this week I watched on prime video Outer Ranch if you like SyFy, westerners, suspense, etc... then this one is for you.

Well, that's it for this week
Stay tuned for a new Peaky Blinders Drop sometime in October
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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  1. I live in Florida so soap deliveries are always interesting. I assume things will be soft but it's good to know that you are making your soaps a little firmer.

    -Eric Adams