Saturday, October 14, 2023

Shaving Before The Engagement Party

Today I have a party to attend the engagement of Danielle and Frank. I've seen Danielle grow to be this stunning, smart, and amazing woman. She met Frank in college in 2017 and now they want to be together in marriage. So in order for me to go to this party this afternoon I needed a shave and I turned to Thomas Shelby's Signature Scent shaving soap and I also used the aftershave as well.

All the checkmarks on a good shaving soap are Slickness, Glide, Scent, Lather, and post-shave feel this soap archives them all. The scent has been said to be an amazing connection to the character of Thomas Shelby. So far we have 3 in the collection Thomas, Arthur, and Alfie soon we will have 4 but I'm not sure if it will appear this year.

The Engagement party was being held at Danielle's mom's home and it was so nice the weather held up perfectly. Frank and Danielle were beaming with joy and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. The food was out of this world they had a brisket which was slow cooking the chef said for 15 hours it was so tender I just could not pass it up. Having Gout read meat is a big no-no but I only had two pieces I just suffered a little pain but it was well worth it.

Well, That's all I have this week
As Always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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