Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bumble & Co. - Bee a Man Shaving Soap

Company: Bumble & Co.
Product: Bee a Man Shaving Soap
Founder: Julie Diers
Location: Walpole, NH,

I love reaching out to other artisans asking if they would like to have a review on shaving products they create. Some are just not sure and say no others dive right in without hesitation and then there are the ones that are so darn busy they want to but forget all about it and that’s what happened when I reached out to Julie Diers she runs Bumble & Co. I emailed her on January 2, of 2019 just asking if she was interested and if so to send me samples she replied on Jan 15 and was very apologetic about her delay in getting back to me. She said she was going to send something out so I waited.

On July 14 six months later I received a new email beginning with OMG but I told her everything is fine no worries and by the time July 21 came around I had the product in my hand. This was worth the wait because this soaps performance is amazing.

Let’s first take a look at the packaging. I received the 2oz size tin with a screw-on lid and it’s the perfect size for travel but I do have to point out the way this soap lathers its more than enough for home use as well.

The texture of this soap was a little puzzling at first inspection. It felt like a rock but further use with the cosmetic spoon revealed that it was very pliable and was perfect for the lathering bowl.

The scent I’m afraid is not on my top ten list. I did like it on the soap but when it came to the aftershave balm my opinion changed. It’s a combination of patchouli, lavender, and pine I looked for any other additional scent that would be offered but sadly this is the only one. I think Julie could increase sales if she offered additional scents.

I’ll just say it now, this soap is a lather monster. Take a look at the video and you’ll see for yourself. It only took less than a min or so to create an amazing amount but its thirsty soap so you can start off with more water than you normally do. The lather went on very well getting into the beard and allowing for some impressive coverage. The slickness and glide were at good levels allowing for the razor to go over trouble spots without any irritation. My post shave feel was very good not a nick or cut and very smooth.

Julie is definitely on the right track when it comes to shaving soap all the pieces are in place. If I had one thing to correct I would add a few more scents to offer wet shavers. Performance is absolutely key in a shaving soap and she already has that but by adding a little more variety of fragrances I'm sure you would appeal to a wider audience.   Just my two cents

Company: Bumble & Co.
Product: Bee a Man Shaving Soap 2oz $12.00

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