Saturday, August 17, 2019

Dapper Dan Barbershop Classic Shave Cream

Company: Dapper Dan
Product: Dapper Dan Barbershop Classic Shave Cream

I’ve been using pomades for a while now and I have a few that I use all the time. Pomades can be an obsession just like shaving soaps and creams can. So when I noticed one of my pomades called Dapper Dan came out with a shaving cream I just couldn’t resist the purchase.

Dapper Dan Barbershop Classic Shave Cream has been developed by professionals to offer superior performance when used in barbershops or at home. Rich in texture with a classic scent this premium shave cream can be used with or without a shaving brush, though I recommend you use a brush for the richest lather to be achieved.

The packaging is the same as if you had purchased the pomade they all come in tins even the aftershave balm is in a tin. Dapper Dan has that old-time feel but in reality, it's only been around for a few years. The packaging may have that old-time feel but it's made for the modern man and to put Dapper Dan in a plastic tub well, I couldn’t even imagine it… no way.

The scent was something that fooled me I thought this was a barbershop scent but it turns out to be sandalwood but either way it is a fantastic scent and I would love this in an aftershave they do have an aftershave balm but I don’t always want to use one it depends on my mood.

Lathering was no problem I just dipped the tip of the wet brush in the cream and applied it to my wet face. Upon contact, the lather started to happen and it was plentiful. This cream has superior slickness and glide and the secret to this must be the Aloe Vera and allantoin. This amazing combination is what did it for me high marks all around to a wonderful performing shaving cream… outstanding! the post shave feel was one of the good ones my friends.

So I was really surprised with Dapper Dan shaving cream you never know what to expect when a company goes out of its comfort zone with a new product but they did their homework with this and it shows. I would recommend this to all wet shavers from DE to straight razor users. I encourage you to visit the website this very young company has a foothold on grooming products already and I'm sure they have more new product releases down the road.

Company: Dapper Dan
Product: Dapper Dan Barbershop Classic Shave Cream 150ml $ 12.50

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