Saturday, October 12, 2019

Looking Back at Shaving Soap Tins

I remember when I was just starting off in wet shaving we had so many artisans using tins back then they had this nostalgic feel and they looked pretty cool too. I had a den full of them but since then most artisans have switched to plastic tubs and like most wet shavers I’ve thinned my collection of tins and shaving soaps over the years considerably. Last week I was waiting for some new products to come in the mail for review and I was thinking I should go back again and take another look at my tin collection. I still have a few which I keep around and use from time to time andI to my surprise I still had one that I've never used. Once I found it I knew I had to do a review. For this review one would need to know the following:

• Who’s shaving soap was it?
• Has this dried out over time?
• Would it still lather,
How would the performance be after all this time dormant?

Well, let’s find out.

In the Youtube video, I showed just about all the tins I have left and after seeing how many I really have I need to do a little more thinning out and put a few of them in our WTF Flea Market this year. Look for that to reopen on Black Friday. We have so much this year we needed to close for inventory earlier than last year just to be on time for the opening. If you never experienced our Flea Market before we take all the things I’ve reviewed over the year and sell them as used, hardware and software. So before you buy anything online this holiday season please take a look at what we have to offer I’m telling you you're going to be surprised at what you'll find.

So after going through them all it came down to just one tin, A Stirling Soap Company Vanilla Sandalwood. Never touched still in the original tin and in pristine condition. These tins didn’t have a screw-on lid you just pushed it down to lock it in and once I open it the soap was still perfect not a dent or a blemish of any kind it was perfect.

At this point, I was very eager to do a bowl lather and upon using the cosmetic spoon to place the soap inside the bowl you could tell it was still soft and had not dried out and transferred to the bowl was no problem.

The scent was still as fresh and the day it was purchased and didn’t miss a note. Once I started to lather it became clear to me that adding more water was not necessary so it didn’t dry out to the point of ruining the soap either. The scent was getting stronger as well and the lather I created was amazing this shave just kept getting better.

Now, my brush was filled with lather and once I started to apply it you could tell this was going to be a great shave. The lather was thick and creamy and got right into the beard this allowing for great coverage and once I started the shave the slickness and glide did not disappoint. My post shave feel was fantastic and one would never know this soap was over 5 years old.

So I had a wonderful shave and this proves why Stirling Soap Company has grown to what it is today.

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