Saturday, October 26, 2019

Wet Shavers Club

Company: Wet Shaving Club
Product: Razors & Blades

It’s been some time since I did a review on a subscription box I used to love getting them each month but since I have a good idea of what I like they don’t appeal to me as much. One thing I do love is saving money and as any wet shaver knows we start out in this direction but soon after if you're not careful it can get out of hand pretty quick. That being said I was interested in what wet shaving club was all about. They had contacted me two weeks ago with an interesting offer. They wanted me to review their service which is a sort of subscription for razor and blades for an insanely low price for the year. So after I told them I would do an honest review of what I think they said we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When the package arrived it was wrapped in burlap which seemed like a natural way to present this upon opening I found an amazing razor and 10 boxes of razor blades with 10 blades in each box making for 100 blades in total which did not include the blades I found inside the razor box.

Speaking of the DE razor they practically give it away at just 12 dollars. Here is the deal
One Year Of Shaving $12.00 This is a one time purchase. So it’s $12 = $1 Per Month You get 1 Premium Safety Razor 1 Year Supply of Blades All Supplies In One Box Shipped For Free! WTF!

I have to say I was impressed with the razor's performance as well as its design the chrome finish was perfect. The total weight is 3.4oz making the handle where most of it is. The only thing I feel could use a little tweaking is how smooth the handle is this might cause issues if your hands are wet or a little slippery other than that I had no other comments even the loading and balance was great as well.

So, if you looking to try something new rush yourself over to the website the $12.00 offer is only good for the first 500 customers.

Company: Wet Shaving Club
Product: Razors & Blades $12.00 limited to first 500 customers

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