Saturday, August 1, 2020

Mason Boutique - Vivian A Second Look

I remember back in early 2016 I spoke to Jenny Marting from Mason Boutique. I told her how I loved the artwork on her products and wanted to review one of her shaving soaps. After some emails back and forth she agreed and I wrote that review which still gets plenty of traffic. Her soap gained so much attention it raced right to the top of many wet shavers lists but that was 5 years ago and so much has changed since then.

Today you can’t buy these shaving soaps under Mason Boutique nor can you buy them under the Brushguy Etsy store which was her husband's brush shop that’s because they have become what I think you can say exclusive with two companies. How do I know this well it says it right on the brush guy website under a banner which reads Brushguy is taking a short break Note from Shop Owner Feb 12, 2019 “I am now making brushes for West Coast Shaving and Strike Gold Shave.” which I would assume the shaving soaps would most likely follow suit. Which means you can still buy Mason Boutique its just under a different name.

In my case, Vivian is the original formula altho I’m sure they have made improvements on the base formula by now but no matter it works just perfectly for me.
The scent is something I must touch on because it is just fantastic a combination of Fragrance notes including Sandalwood, Hay, Birch, Tobacco, Cinnamon, White Citrus, Ginger, and Rum. Once you give it a try you're going to go back for more.
The performance was just like I purchased it that day I had no issues making a bowl lather it was done in less than a min and the lather was thick and rich. The coverage was great getting right into the beard the slickness and glide all great allowing my Parthenon razor which has been known to be aggressive a little less dangerous for me. My post shave feel was a good one as well.

So even after all this time the soap still performed like it was made yesterday another testimony to how great they are. I sure do miss them.