Saturday, August 15, 2020

Wet The Face - What's On The Horizon

I wanted to touch base on a few things going forward at Wet The Face. I wanted to let people know of some additions and some returning favorites for the Fall and holiday season this year. 

First up we have FaceBook 1K Returning after a long hiatus. This was released right before covid19 and it was an amazing release with having it sell out within 2 1/2 hours. It was pretty amazing. Both the shaving soap and aftershave will be returning the aftershave balm will be a little later on still waiting on labels for that. If all goes well this will be added to the product line all year round.

Speaking of labels we have a label change to The Sport of Kings. When this was released it had a green label and the words "Based on Ralph Lauren Polo" on the top. The most confusing label I’ve ever created. I drop the ball on this one. So to correct this I made the label blue which if you didn’t know Polo Sport is in a blue bottle and added the words "Based on Ralph Lauren Polo Sport" at the top. With these changes, I hope this makes it clear to all that this is based on the fragrance Polo Sport.

With the Fall season coming soon we are very excited to have the return of Autumn. This was a big hit with everyone and has been in hiding the last two years but makes its return with a newly redesigned label. Notes of Vanilla Bean, Apple Cider, Cinnamon Spice, Spun Suger my god this smells amazing. We also have Apples and Oaks from last year returning but with very low numbers available. lastly, we have a new release called Ozark Alchemy this strongly scented soap has Cedar, Pine, and Fir which will please any wet shaver. Our Story begins deep in the forest hidden from sight, the alchemist practices this ancient branch of natural and proto-scientific traditions and transforms something through a seemingly magical process. We will give you the tools but it's up to you to learn how to use them.

For the holidays we have what has been a favorite of many Mr. Warlock this one sells out every year and I have been told to never stop making it. Also returning will be It’s a Wonderful Shave and if I can I just might have something new to release as well but I’m just not sure about the timing. (printing)

Lastly, we have a new release for early calendar year 2021 something I held back on because we had so many new releases it just didn’t fit into the correct time slot but now I’m happy to announce on March 20, 2021, Sakura “Cherry Blossom” will be released and the scent will bring forth a bouquet of notes including Cherry Blossom, Red Apple, Georgia Peach, Tamarind, Blonde Wood.

So, I just wanted to go over some changes, corrections with a few additions before we all start getting very crazy that the holidays are here. So please Stay Safe, Be kind, Be Smart, Protect others by wearing a mask.

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