Saturday, August 8, 2020

Straight Razors & The Art Of Shaving

Products: Art of Shaving / Titan Straight Razor  

When it comes to straight razors they've always had this certain appeal to me. Ever since I found wet shaving I feel the straight razor users are at the top of this hobby. 
It takes skill which has to be learned over time because you can do damage to one's face let's be real here this is a dangerous method of shaving considering the options we have today.

They come in all types and with different Grinds, Points, Notches, Materials like Stainless Steel, Carbon, Swedish Steel the list goes on. You also have to be aware of what comes along with being a straight razor user the caring and maintenance of which is just as involved. 

I plunged into straight razors early in wet shaving and had joined a group on honing. We gathered in the summer where we had some very well known YouTuber’s all at picnic tables trying their hand at creating a sharp edge on Gold Dollar razors. I had my bag of stones like everyone else and we had personal lessons from some of the top straight razor users. I was doing pretty good not great but pretty good and even when we all left I would practice what I learned for a few weeks more. 
Then I realized something, It stopped being enjoyable to me. I often wondered was this worth all the trouble and expense to hone a straight razor when it's so easy to just open a DE razor and drop a blade in. I might change my mind down the road but I still feel this way today. I still have my bag of stones and can pick up right where I left off but I truly have no desire to at this point in my life it’s just not for me. 

I do think however that straight razors for the most part are so alluring to me. Some I’ve found to be truly stunning and some I would consider works of art and would love to own some of them just because they look so beautiful. 

For now, I’ll just keep admiring the beauty of them and leave the actual shaving to someone else more qualified.

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