Saturday, October 24, 2020

Company: Ingram
Product: Ingram Shaving Cream
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There are only a few products I find that should be in everyone's wet shaving den and one of them is Ingram shaving cream. This underrated cream is by far the best bang for the buck I’ve come across in a very long while. A gift from a Youtube supporter this tube had changed my opinion on drug store shaving products but let me make this clear, not every product performs like this one. Here in the US, we won’t find it on our shelves since this is only sold in the UK but you can get yours on the internet at 8-10 dollars it has been said in the UK it sells for 2 - 5.

Let's first start off by saying if you not into menthol then stop now this cream is not for you but if you enjoy an amazing menthol shave keep reading my friend your in for something special. 

This shaving cream comes in a toothpaste-like tube with a screw-on cap you can use your fingertips to massage it into a wet face or my preferred method is to use a wet brush. Just place some on the brush and with a circular motion apply it to your beard. It only takes a few seconds to get an amazing lather and once you do the menthol will kick right in and last way beyond the end of the shave. 

The lather is something to marvel which goes on thick and creamy and manages to get right into the beard allowing for complete coverage. The slickness and glide are tops allowing for any razor to go over trouble spots without fear of irritations. The post shave feel is something to experience, your face will feel so alive and invigorating and be as smooth as silk. The only thing to do is to top it off with a menthol aftershave or balm to complete the process. 

Now for the bad news, not everything is perfect with Ingram. The one big complaint I’ve come across is temperature can affect the stability of the cream. I’ve never come across this personally but it has been said that if you store this cream in the bathroom and who doesn’t do that and you heat the room by taking a shower or bath this temperature change does something to the cream which renders it useless or you can say damaged. One other issue is the tube opening sometimes gets clogged and needs to be pierced with a pointed object to break it up. Lastly, this might be related to the first issue but the cream could become watery. 

That being said I find the positives out ways the negatives in so many ways here and if you want to experience one of the best shaves you’ll have for the least amount of money than look no further than Ingram. 

Company: Ingram
Product: Ingram Shaving Cream


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