Saturday, October 10, 2020

Shaving & Talking

Today I’m watching more movies and TV than ever before and not having anything new to review in the wet shaving world this week I thought it was time to do shaving and talking video about just what shows I’ve been watching lately. For this shave, I will be using my Frozen Lemon Ice during the talk which for me is becoming one of my favorites so much so that I intend to come out with a Bar soap and aftershave balm soon.

Before the shave starts I usually go over the tools or hardware I’ll be using and this time I wanted to mix things up a bit so I took out the biggest brush I own. This is a Frank Shave brush which was given to me by the company. The funny thing about this brush it's like a vacuum with lather. No matter how much is made you wind up with it all in the brush and I demo this in the video so it's worth watching just to see this happen. Next, The razor I normally use is the Occams Razor Nano this time I reach for a razor that has been the most viewed on my Youtube channel the QShave or MinShi clone of the Merkur Futur Safety Razor. I’m not sure how the real razor performs but the clone is very aggressive and this time I dialed down the settings to 1 1/2 which the last time I tried this was set on 3 and it nearly killed my face.

I ended this shave with the matching aftershave for the perfect ending. There is something about Lemon that just makes the shave that much better.

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