Saturday, December 26, 2020

Happy Holidays - A Merry Christmas Shave

Company: Boots
Product: Cool Cologne Shaving Cream

First, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and try not to break my weekend shaving tradition so I’m back with a Holiday Shave of Cool Cologne a shaving cream formulated by the Boots skincare specialist of Nottingham England.

The packaging reminds me of what James Bond would reach for if he needed shaving cream it has that type of look to it that you might find in Bond’s shaving den.

This cream comes in a tube and has a wonderful fresh clean scent with a very welcome amount of menthol but not overpowering. To me method always add something to a shave and this one does it right. Since I haven’t used this a good long while I read the box instructions again to see if using a brush was allowed and it was. I just put a good amount in my wet brush wet my face real good and worked it in. The cream was surprisingly dry out of the tube for shaving cream. I can’t remember if when I first used it it was this dry but after I woke it up I had no issues with it created a great lather that was rich and creamy.

The coverage was good and I used circularly brush motions to work it in the beard. The slickness and glide were great allowing me to go over trouble spots without irritations. O and the post-shave feel was wonderful and I topped it off with one of my aftershaves called 1K a clone of Light Blue simply a fantastic ending to a great holiday shave. 

As usual these last few weeks I’ll update you on some Movies and shows I’ve been watching one being the BBC Sherlock Holmes which is been extremely entertaining. A modern-day take that has not disappointed I’m currently reaching the 4th season. Each season has around 3 or 4 episodes and as many as 2 years or more in-between seasons. Rumor has it that this will be continuing again when both schedules allow. They even wrote the absents of the show in the script which makes it even that much more enjoyable. I do think it worth watching. 

Next, I watched a movie called FatMan starring Mel Gibson he plays Santa Clause who is being targeted by a hitman sent out to kill him by a boy who got coal for Christmas this year. This is not a movie you want to watch with young children it does have violence and plenty of it. It’s a slow starter but gets going by the end but the ending was somewhat anticlimactic but all and all very entertaining and a good fill-in for nothing to watch or do. 

So that’s all I have this week hope everyone was good this year and got everything they wanted and I will see you again next weekend for our year-end roundup. 

Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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