Saturday, December 19, 2020

Shaving & Talking #4 - Flowers In The Dark

Company: Dr. Jon’s
Product: Flowers In The Dark

I sometimes forget to revisit things I’ve enjoyed reviewing in the past. I came across one that falls into this category called Dr. Jon’s Flowers In The Dark I believe this was released around Halloween in 2019. The art on the label is pretty impressive and the description of the scent is a little disturbing when I first read it. It’s a play on lavender but it read something like this and I quote “Lavender upfront but then fades and all that is left is a coffin wood and ozone, a disturbingly pleasant combination”

The soap performance from Dr. Jon’s is mostly consisting throughout their offerings. Even having this sit in its tin for a long time did not affect its stability. Making lather was not a problem. I bowl lathered it was thick and creamy allowing for great coverage. The slickness and glide were top-notch allowing me to go over trouble spots with no irritation. If you are interested in this you might want to reach out to see if they are offering a sample so you can give it a try. 

Since this is a Shaving and Talking article that goes along with our YouTube video I have to touch on the 3 things that had been discussed. One would be what the company I work for is doing to me in which they are using the Covid crisis and my age to manipulate my salary. I have never worked for a company in my 40 years in I.T. that had ever done this to me or would even think of doing this but I guess there’s a first time for everything. 

Next, I wanted to touch on the two Netflix shows one called unbelievable which has two female detectives coming together to search for a serial rapist and how it affects this young girl who no one believes. 

This is what they call a mini-series with only 7 episodes to tell the complete story but very entertaining for the most part. This dynamic duo at times does tend to go over the top a bit but dealing with this subject matter is not easy. The amazing part of this story is how the male detective's team dismissed this young victim's account of what happened to her. They made her change her story to fit what they thought happened. 

The other show is by far the most interesting and it is based on actual events and people. The name of the show is called MindHunter. It takes you on this journey of two FBI agents who create a team that goes after serial killers and interviews the incarcerated ones so they can start building profiles that had never been done before. This leads to funding and approval of other law enforcement agencies in what they are setting out to do. They take you on the interviews which are pretty eye-opening as to what was said and uncovered during the questioning. I have already seen two seasons but sadly it stops there for the moment. Nobody knows if we will see the third season but the two that we have are worth your time viewing. 

So that’s it for now I’ll let you know more about what happens at work until then be safe and please wear a mask. Even though we see people getting the vaccine it does not mean you can drop your guard. Nobody wants to be the last person to die from Covid so don’t let it be you. 

Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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