Saturday, December 5, 2020

Shaving & Talking #3

Shaving & Talking #3
Featuring Nancy Boy Shaving Cream

Since we are heading into Christmas now I want to let you know about the Wet The Face Flea Market. We open once a year on Black Friday and anything that was featured on Youtube we then sell as used at great discounts. We have been doing this for some time now and it has been proven to be something that people wait for. If you didn’t know about it please take a visit and see what you can find you never know what's going to be popping up next it changes all the time.
Since we are trying to save all of our new products for next year with today's shave I’m going to use something I’ve used before a shaving cream that I believe is one of the top shaving creams I use it’s called Nancy Boy signature scent. This cream should be in everyone's den. What an experience shaving with this for the first time it opened my eyes to what a shaving cream should be. The best part is how great your post-shave feel is going to be and also one of the reasons you’ll be reaching for it the next time.

We all have been watching lots of movies lately and one that was just released over Thanksgiving was Uncle Frank. If you have Amazon Prime I would advise you to take a look unless you have a problem with the subject matter. This movie deals with excepting people for who they are and takes you through how Frank handled his strict family upbringing due to his father's disapproval of him being gay. Now that Frank is an adult he hardly interacts with his father anymore but that all changes when his nice Beth comes to visit. Frank passes on his wisdom to Beth and it changes her life and when Frank is faced with his challenges Beth reminds him to take his own advice.

On another note I did find a new pomade with a trip to CVS I picked up two different kinds. I found something new from Head & shoulders they seem to have been introducing some new products lately beyond the shampoo line for dandruff and after using it for a week it’s showing lots of promise. I haven’t tried the other one yet but will report on how it turned out.

Well, that’s all I have for now stay safe everyone. The vaccines are coming soon and they are working on who gets it first and how we going to distribute it next year. Things are getting better for us all.

Don Youngner
Owner - Wet The Face

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