Saturday, April 24, 2021

Harry’s Shaving Cream - Eucalyptus

Company: Harry’s
Product: Harry’s Shaving Cream - Eucalyptus

Once again I found myself looking on the shelves of our CVS and found a whole new setup devoted to shaving. The CVS by me is going through a kind of metamorphosis. This happily included the shaving section which was ignored for some time. Things have certainly changed which lead me to pick up a few items they had brushes, shaving creams, splashes, pomades it was a shocker to see. One that caught my eye was Harry’s shaving cream now I have seen this before but it was never in this store before and since I’ve never used it I thought it was time to give it a review.

The packaging is like any modern shaving cream I do like the flip-top this makes it much easier to use and the writing is easy to read unlike the Method Men I used a few weeks ago.

The scent (eucalyptus) is just fine no problems but I didn’t notice any other choices unless I missed them on the shelf or maybe this was the only one they had stocked.

The downer for me was I couldn't use a brush but
placing some in the hand and working it into my wet face worked out just perfectly. It didn’t make that much lather and the slickness and glide were ok it gave me more than adequate protection against irritating but nothing over the top. My post-shave feel was great most likely due to the new Feather ProGuard blades I just placed into my Occam’s Razor.

So, I liked Harry’s shaving cream and would use it again if I had to it wouldn’t be my go-to shaving cream that I would leave to the artisans.

Company: Harry’s
Product: Harry’s Shaving Cream - Eucalyptus

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