Saturday, May 1, 2021

Wet the Face - Stranger Shaves

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Stranger Shaves - Intense Almond

Our new release Stranger Shaves is inspired by the Netflix series called Stranger Things. My goal was to create one of the strongest scented soaps as an artisan can dare create and I think with this release that goal was achieved.

As soon as the lid is opened you will understand the power of this scent. You don’t even need to add one drop for it to fill the room it’s that strong.

Sometimes shaving can place you into the upsidedown and with this Intense Almond scent, it just might. I will say this is the strongest scented soap I have ever created and released. If you love almond scents then this one is going to knock your socks off!

I have to say the aftershave is strong as well and for those who try to avoid the purchase of aftershave looking for strongly scented soaps you have found utopia. The day you use Stranger shave will be the day you're going to smell like Almonds.

A word about our video intro this week. Youtube flagged this video and said I was using copyrighted material from an episode of Stranger Things Season 2. This of course is not true and why we have problems with BOTS doing this job and not humans judging content for violations. I realize how many videos are uploaded per day but I’m hoping to get this straighten out all they have to do is have a human watching it. Not even the music is from them.

Update - 5/6/2021   I Won!

Have a great weekend and if you're into the Kentucky Derby this Saturday is the first of three races also if you happen to live in N.Y. it was announced New York will be opening up on July 1st.

Wet The Face

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