Saturday, February 11, 2023

Shaving With Into The Mystic

This week I use something that has been around on the Wet The Face website for some time called Into The Mystic. This all came about when I was hired at my current job. This place was an absolute disaster and I'm not only including an outdated infrastructure but the inability to make changes because they didn't understand the technology and were in fear of advancing beyond what they knew. ie this company still had analog phones.

I was assigned to the prior I.T. guy's desk. It was a messy stack of output dating back to the 80s piled high with all sorts of trash and dirt all over the place. it took me months to clean it all up but during this cleanup phase, I found inside his desk a small bottle of Cool Water. This aftershave smells so amazing I decided to try and make a shaving soap of its scent and Into The Mystic was born.

This soap has always been an great seller but as we have new releases sometimes other soaps are forgotten. So I'm coming back to it for awareness and want to make sure people know we have over 40 shaving soaps and aftershave in our collection.

Into The Mystic is not a hit-over-the-head scent but it is extremely pleasing and the aftershave tops it off perfectly for going out on the town. Here is a quote from one of our reviews about it. - "Great refreshing, mild scent Into the Mystic from WTF reminds me of a cool summer evening shave - relaxed and refreshing results. My wife likes its’ gentle fresh scent."

In this week's Youtube video, I talk about Quest Diagnostics, Shrinking, and The Fableman

That's all I have for this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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