Saturday, April 15, 2023

Lathering with leftover Shaving Soap

As stated in this week's video I'm using a shaving soap ball to make a lather with. But what is a shaving soap ball you ask? Good question I can only tell you this is what is left at the end of filling all the tubs when I do a new batch. This doesn't happen all the time but when it does I make a shaving soap ball. This ball can be any scent and size this one happens to be Stranger Shaves. I took the rest that was left in the batch and rolled it into a ball and let it try on the rack along with all the other tubs.

In a few days, this is pretty much ready to use so I wanted to show you how versatile this shaving ball is. You don't even have to use them for shaving you could use them in the shower or for just washing your hands. I would leave them in the bathroom in the soap dish and everyone knows exactly what they are. Since I have a new one ready to go I wanted to show you how easy they are to use for shaving.

In this week's video, I also talk about the second season of YellowJackets. This series has gotten a lot of attention lately due to the reveal of what we all know the girls did 25 years ago while stranded in the Canadian wilderness. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the Yellow Jackets are hiding a dark secret from the public. The team was stranded in the wilderness for over a year and resorted to cannibalism to survive. They have kept this secret hidden for over two decades, but it begins to unravel as they are forced to confront their past and the consequences of their actions. The show explores themes of survival, trauma, guilt, and redemption as the characters struggle to come to terms with their past and the person they have become.

Also, I talk about "Emergency NYC" a gripping medical reality TV series that follows the lives of emergency medical personnel as they respond to various medical emergencies across New York City. The show takes viewers on a journey through the busy streets of the city, highlighting the heroic work of the first responders who are often the first point of contact for those in need of medical attention. In this series, you get to see emergency drama and it can be an emotional roller coaster at times. I found myself crying at things reminding me of what my wife has gone through and also when children are involved. I can't help it I also feel very tense even though I'm perfectly safe on my couch watching the show.

Overall, "Emergency NYC" is an inspiring and informative show that highlights the tireless work of medical professionals in the city. Through the series, viewers get a glimpse of some of the top hospitals in the city that are known for their exceptional medical care, including Mount Sinai Hospital, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, and NYU Langone Medical Center.

Well that is it for now
As Always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet the Face

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