Monday, December 9, 2019

Automation Nation

Things sure have changed over the years. Once we had to bring all our groceries to a cashier now we use our phone or supplied device to scan our purchases and checkout without any intervention. They even have a store from Amazon you put things in your bag or backpack and you just walk out no cashier or checkout at all in the next 5 min you get an email with the things you purchased. Well, now my local carwash has been updated in the same way.

I noticed something was going on when I saw the closed for renovation signs and man did they renovate. They took everything out and gutted the inside of the carwash and replaced with the most modern advances I’ve ever seen. During this time as I went by, they started to redo the outside with a whole new look. You can say that this was a complete makeover top to bottom.
Unfortunately, the makeover did not include the workers that used to vacuum out the car and dry it and then apply the tire treatments or whatever else you paid for. It’s sad to see those jobs go but I did notice at least one of them made it he was the one that greeted me when I arrive.

As I pulled in I saw the signs drawing me to the new drive-up kiosk. As I looked over the instructions my eye glazed over when I was trying to figure out just what I was looking at. As I starred at the console an assistant came over and tried to explain it to me. No sooner than that the owner took over and he started to explain it all. I politely asked all I want to do is get my car vacuumed and cleaned and put tire treatments on. He came back with Well… we don’t vacuum cars anymore we provide you with the tools to do it yourself for free. I said well I guess I have no choice so I agreed and he told me to pull the car into the wash when I was done. He set me up with a vacuum hose and I started in. When I was done I pulled the car over to enter the carwash and on his console pushed a few buttons and motioned me to pull up and put my car in neutral.

This was the kind of carwash that you're allowed you to stay in your vehicle as the car moves through. It's been some time since I stayed inside when getting a carwash and I have to say it was fun to watch the system do its thing. When your at the end you see a sort of traffic light letting you know when its time to go until then you see an amber light stating WAIT!

At this time the owner made an appearance just to see if the tire treatment was being applied and he said it was. I also noticed no-one is going to wipe off the extra water that they normally would have done at this point. Gone are all the guys just waiting for your car to pop out of the wash and cleaning off the last few drops of water. My light turned green with the word GO and so I left.

When I got home I started to inspect the car and to be honest it came out better than I expected. I check the tire treatment and it was perfect until I noticed it was only applied to one side of the car. The whole thing cost $11.00 I used to pay $18.00 but always got my tier treatment. One of the things they try to push you towards is the monthly Carwash pass. This is when you pay a monthly fee for as many car washes as you like. it starts at $20.00 with a simple wash and moves up to ultimate all-inclusive $49.00

So, the question is would I go back and the answer is yes for $9.00 just to get a quick wash but if I want to make sure I got everything I'm paying for I would spend the extra money for the personal touch that the carwash crew brings making sure my car is looking the best it can and the tire treatments are on all four tires.

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