Saturday, December 7, 2019

Soapy BathMan - Refreshing Mint

Company: Soapy BathMan
Product: Refreshing Mint

There comes a time in every wet shavers life when you must go through his or her den and start weeding out things you just don’t use. I’ve seen a few extreme cases years ago when people are showing their dens and it looks like a wet shaving warehouse. I see no value in hoarding things like this because sooner or later most of this stuff is going to go bad and before that happens its best to let someone else who may not be able to afford a vast collection own something they would normally not be able to afford.

As I was going through the den this year I came across a few things that I just couldn’t part with. I’ve had these soaps since the beginning and still have plenty left in each tub which means I’m not using them as much as I should but with all the Youtube reviews I do I don’t seem to have the ability to use what I want anymore. The soaps I’m talking about are Soapy Bathman these soaps for me are very special. The one I’ll be using today is refreshing mint which they don’t even make anymore which is a shame because it happens to be one of my all-time favorites.

The packaging is like what most artisans use with shaving soaps nowadays but what I find most appealing is the wide opening for brush use.

The scent of refreshing mint says it all but not only is this scent amazing most of the other ones I have are also just as good. He has a way of making some very impressive scents.

The texture of his soaps is hard almost puck like and they need to be bloomed prier to use this to me just adds to what makes his soaps so special. When I use his soaps I get into the whole process of shaving it slows me down to think about every step and take in the enjoyment of it all. So after about 3 to 5 min the bloom was done and loading the brush was easy to do. I recently found out that he's formula has changed which happened around 2017 and the soaps may not be as hard as the ones I own.

The lather was ample and able to get into my beard with no problem. The slickness and glide were also in great supply allowing me to go over trouble spots without the fear of irritation. The post shave feel was a good one and left a nice clean cool refreshing feeling.

If you’ve never come across Soapy Bathman before give them a try I think you’ll be pretty surprised like I was and if you're always in a rush like me you’ll even slow down a bit to enjoy the shave.

Company: Soapy BathMan
Product: Refreshing Mint  

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