Saturday, January 30, 2021

1965 Slim Gillette Adjustable Razor Review

Company: Gillette
Product: 1965 Slim Gillette Adjustable 
Made Possible By Benjamin Moran

I always wanted to try a 1960 Gillette vintage razor the razor of my birth but I could never find one that fit my budget or was the right year. I gave up a long time ago until I got this email from Benjamin Moran. He wanted to donate some shaving soaps and brushes for our giveaways. He also added that he just got back from revamping a 1965 Slim Gillette Adjustable and would I like to review it for the group and without hesitation, I said yes! My dream had come true.

When the box arrived inside I found the razor still in its original plastic case how amazing is that it looked perfect. Once opened it reviled the stunning Gillette Adjustable in all its glory. To me, this looked perfect. the adjustable feature was easy to operate it felt light not like the clones of today because people want to feel like they are getting something for 150 - 200 dollars but the sad truth is they never work as well as the originals.

I also test new razors with a fresh Personna Blue Blade and had no issues with loading one in the Gillette. After I closed the butterfly doors I saw no alignment problems at all.

I used one of my soaps for this shave Vintage BarberSshop I thought we should go all vintage right down to the shaving soap. After I applied the lather I was ready for the shave and I started on a low number like 2 and soon realized that I could go to setting 3 but didn’t want to chance it ruin a great shave. With every stroke, it was such a great experience and at one point I thought I now I know why so many people want these razors. Also one has to wonder why no one can make them work or perform just like the original.

After the shave was over I had a few nicks but it was only because I was using a new blade it happens all the time. I used the Vintage Barbershop aftershave to end this and it was just amazing. I have to say if I was allowed to keep it for a few more weeks I would have, it was that good. The balance was great cleaning was a breeze I can't say anything but thank you so much Benjamin for this opportunity you made my week.

Wet The Face
Don Youngner

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