Saturday, January 16, 2021

Shaveology Butterfly DE Safety Razor

Company: Shaveology
Product: Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor

Today will be looking at The Griffin Razor or some call it the Shaveology razor. I had mine ordered late last year but held back until now to do this review. Today in this video I’ll be using it for the very first time. What makes this one different? let's find out.

The packaging is sure attractive. This would stand out on any shelf selling wet shaving apparel. When you turn the box over you get these bullet points of features but nothing I haven’t seen before. The phrasing is new “Modern Gentlemen” “New Breed of Gentlemen” Join the club you get the picture and the last thing was Proud Supporters of Soldiers Angels a nice touch and a worthy cause. Inside the box, you're greeted with a nicely done pamphlet explaining just how to load and take care of the razor. A guarantee between gentlemen (oh brother) from the founder Adam A. such a gentleman he doesn’t even list his own last name. He said he wants you to be 100% satisfied but only guarantees that for 90 days. Next, we have a polishing cloth, 5 Platinum blades, and a leather razor cover for protection and travel, and finally the butterfly double edge safety razor.

The Razor came to me pretty much perfect not one thing out of place the polished chrome was flawless. The ease of operation didn’t miss a beat easy to open and close I have to say it was well done. Loading the blade was just as simple it fits perfectly over the notch and closed without any issues the blade alignment was perfect. 

Shaving with this razor I found no problems at all. The balance was great the handle I thought was going to give me a problem but it turned out to work just fine no slipping it acted like any other-well-built butterfly safety razor in this price range which was $24.97 which I got mine on sale for $12.48. Sadly the website seems to be closed. The Twitter account's last post was in Feb 2017 and on Facebook the last post was in May of 2020 something seems amiss. I gave it high marks because I can't find anything wrong with it I thought maybe it had problems cleaning but no it did that well during the shave too.. So where are these guys?

Not sure but maybe they are still around COVID has done some screwed-up things to manufactures and shaveology might be suffering from this since they do not manufacture this it's done for them.

Overall if your a first-time user or an advanced pro no matter if you looking for your first DE razor or looking for a backup you can’t go wrong with the Shaveology.

Company: Shaveology
Product: Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor $24.97

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