Saturday, January 23, 2021

Billy Jealousy Whipped Shaving Cream

Company: Billy Jealousy
Product: Whipped Shaving Cream

Many years ago I subscribed to Luxury Barber Box and I would always get something from the company Billy Jealousy. Since I didn’t know the brand too well I collected whatever I didn’t want to use in a box along with other things I was going to try at a later date. Flash forward 5 years I just found that box again and I will be giving the Billy Jealousy Whipped Shaving Cream a try.

This is a sample size but it seems to have enough for around 10 or so shaves. It says on the bottle you can use a brush but don’t waste your time it won’t work you need to use your finger and messuage it in then even if you use a brush it tends to disappear so just forget it. 

The sent is another downer it smells like medicine and not the good kind not much more I can say but if your into that sort of thing be my guest. 

We do have a few good things one would be it has a fair amount of slickness and glide so that’s a good thing I did have a good shave and the post shave feel was ok. But as you can see in the video along with this article I did throw it into the trash. I will never use this again simply because the scent is just not for me. 

Sorry Bill I will never be jealous of you.

Company: Billy Jealousy
Product: Whipped Shaving Cream 8oz $22.00

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