Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review - Mitchell’s WoolFat Shaving Soap

Review - Matchbook Styptic Pencil

Product: *Matchbook Styptic Pencil*
Not a Fan!!

Have you seen them? I got mine with a monthly subscription box. They seem like a good idea. Just like a book of matches you have 20 individual sticks with a dab of styptic on the head.  You can carry them real easy in your pocket or travel case.

When I recently cut myself shaving I reached for mine from the Shaving Factory. This was an average size razor nick nothing bad. I ripped one out of the book and placed it under water for just a few seconds and applied it to the cut. The tip just crumbled off and fell into the sink. Ok let me try again, and the same thing happened. I tried this two additional times to get one cut under control. So far this is not going well. I reach for my trusty styptic pencil from Clubman and got things under control in two seconds. The matchbook concept just seems like more style then function. I’m not sure in this case the classic has been improved. To be fair I’ve only tried one brand if anyone else has a better experience then I did  please let me know. But for me ……… I’m not a fan.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review - Local Gent Shaving Co

Local Gent Shaving Co.
Product: Shaving Cream, Soap, Pre Shave Oil and After Shave
Founder: Robb Phillips

A few weeks back I had a conversation will the owner of Local Gent Robb Phillips. He agreed to send me some samples of his shaving products. To my surprise I was given a full line including the Shaving Soap Bay Rum, The Shaving Cream Lime Street, After Shave Balm Eucalyptus Mint and the Pre Shave Oil California barber scent.  

Let me give you some background on Robb. He got started back in 2011 researching a way to save money and still get the best shave possible. That’s when he came across wet shaving and was inspired to give it a try. Robb started off by trying out what was readily available on the market and to quote Robb “there wasn't much back then”. This had him hunting and buying different products from all over. After shaving this way for a few months he noticed his skin looked better then ever. The time he spent shaving was more therapeutic than a mundane task. He was actually looking forward to shaving and it was becoming more then just a hobby. Robb was inspired to try and make my own products so he started formulating and crafting soaps, aftershave balms, shaving creams and shaving brushes. After coming up with products he loved he started sharing it with friends and family.  Soon after he was getting orders from their friends and Local Gent Shaving Co. was born. I asked Robb if he could let us in on anything new for Local Gent "We are always working on new products and have an aftershave splash in the works to be out soon".

I put a video review together. It goes over all the included products. You’ll see me use each one as I give you my feedback.

I will touch more on the aftershave balm and the Pre shave oil here. I’ve used my share of aftershave balms but this one has something in it that produces outstanding performance. I haven’t used something this good since being introducted to Soap Commanders balm.  I have to say I will be reaching for this more often. The pre shave oil performance is great the scent California Barber was new to me. I liked the eyedropper it gives you complete control over usage.

So again please watch the video

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review - HYD For Men / Shaving Cream

HYD for Men - Shave Cream

I don’t know about you but when I go into places like Target, CVS and Bed and Bath I always look around for something new relating to wet shaving you never know what your going to find. That was the case last week when I came across something new on the shelf.  The product was from HYD for Men Shave Cream. 

It comes in a tall black box with silver lettering. Above the word Shave Cream looks like an arrowhead logo. This shaving cream is not recommended for the use with a shaving brush but rather you work it into your skin like a moisturizer so the blade glides over your skin to reduce friction and irritation.  Here is how they describe how the shaving cream works. “Our soothing low lather formula is designed to provide superior coverage while using less shave cream. As a result, your razor will perform better and your blades won’t clog from excess shave cream.”

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1, 2015 Giveaway Contest

Today I’m excited to announce the Aug WTF Giveaway Contest I can’t always give this much away but I will when I can.
The Winner Will Receive the Following:
1) New Satin Tip “The Purest” Brush
2) New Long Island Meet Soap 3.5oz inspired by “Salty Lime”
3) New Phoenix Menthol Preshave Ice Sample

Contest will end Aug 31 12:00PM. The winner will be picked sometime in the Eve.Good Luck to everyone!!

So head over to this link Wet The Face and read the rules and enter to win.

Good Luck!!!