Saturday, October 28, 2023

Shaving With Blood Orange

Since Halloween is around the corner I decided to use Wet The Face Blood Orange as my shaving soap this week. True-to-life Blood Orange created with natural essential oils - This scent has a fresh citrus aroma, a full-bodied fragrance with top notes of Bergamot and grapefruit. Middle Notes of Orange, with undertones of Green orange tree leaves. it's amazing how you can actually smell the leaves what a bonus.

This soap provides top slickness and glides along with copious amounts of lather which gets right into the beard allowing it to go over trouble spots without the fear of irritations. The post-shave feel is also tops as well.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Shaving With Proraso & Pottery Update

Today I'm happy to reach into the den cabinet and pull out the Proraso Red. Always a great performer. The red which is sandalwood is one of my favs but I do hear people have a hard time with the scent which could be strong to some or I have also heard it can be irritating to others. That being said it lathers nicely and provides great slickness and glide allowing me to go over trouble spots without fear of irritation. The post-shave feel is also a good one as well.

I want to focus on something if I may. A few months ago Alford announced to me he no longer wanted to produce our WTF Mug, Bowls, and Brushes he needed to concentrate on his own retail and step away from creating the wholesale items for us.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Shaving Before The Engagement Party

Today I have a party to attend the engagement of Danielle and Frank. I've seen Danielle grow to be this stunning, smart, and amazing woman. She met Frank in college in 2017 and now they want to be together in marriage. So in order for me to go to this party this afternoon I needed a shave and I turned to Thomas Shelby's Signature Scent shaving soap and I also used the aftershave as well.

All the checkmarks on a good shaving soap are Slickness, Glide, Scent, Lather, and post-shave feel this soap archives them all. The scent has been said to be an amazing connection to the character of Thomas Shelby. So far we have 3 in the collection Thomas, Arthur, and Alfie soon we will have 4 but I'm not sure if it will appear this year.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Shaving With Stranger Shaves

Today because we are in the month of October I'm using Stranger Shave. I always connected this soap with the show since the new season is always released in or around Halloween. I enjoy the intense almond scent this brings to the den. Everyone in the house will know what you're using the minute you open the lid.

I'm not going to toot my own horn here but it's been said this is a lather monster and I have to agree it can get crazy on the brush as well as in the bowl. The slickness and glide are tops allowing for an irritation-free shave. The post-shave feel is fantastic and once you apply that aftershave you're good for the rest of the day.