Saturday, November 21, 2020

WizaShave & Christmas Time

Companies: Wet The Face / Wizashave
Products: Christmas Time / IRIDIUM Blades

This week along with showing our Christmas Time shaving soap we have a new blade we’re going to review from called IRIDIUM Super extra Stainless Blade. Not sure what they mean by extra stainless how does something stainless become extra stainless is beyond my knowledge. My question is could these be the same blades as Polsilver Double Edge Razor Blades Super Iridium my guess is yes but I'm going to ask WizaShave for that answer.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Wet The Face - Holiday Releases 2020

Company: Wet The Face Product: Holiday Releases 2020 It’s the holiday season once again even though it may not feel like it here in N.Y. with temperatures hovering around 70 - 65 degrees it's hard to feel like it's November when you're wearing a short-sleeve shirt. Be that as it may, we are moving forward with our holiday releases. We feel this is the right time to introduce some new products and bring back some old favorites. Also, the USPS has been under a lot of stress lately so the earlier you get your orders in the better chances you’ll get them on time for the holidays.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Timeless Razor Bronze - Review

Company: Timeless
Product: Timeless DE Razor Bronze

I’ve always said we have the best community members around and Wet The Face is very lucky to have Benjamin Moran. Benjamin knew the situation of our community you see we always have a giveaway each month but due to the covid crisis many of the sponsors dropped out so Benjamin stepped up and came through with some incredible offerings for us.

First, he lent us his brand new Timeless Razor so we could keep having reviews on new products then he supplied us with shaving soaps and samples to review and give away, and not to be outdone he gave us 4 brand-new brushes sill in the boxes that are just amazing which he wants to give away as well. Let me say this, it’s not the first time Benjamin has come through like this for us so we all owe him a big debt go gratitude