Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review - Clubman Pinaud Brilliantine

Company: Clubman Pinaud
Product: Brilliantine
Founder: France 1810
Website - Clubmanonline 

I was so thrilled when it was announced they were adding to the Clubman Pinaud product line last year. Amongst the additional shaving products was the pomade called Clubman Pinaud Brilliantine so I quickly placed an order. Unfortunately, it started to go downhill from here. I waited over 4 months to receive my order even after contacting them on twitter they just didn’t seem have their act together. Regardless of this I was still happy to see the products arrive and was eager to try them.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Review - FuzzyFace Soaps / Cold Water

Company: FuzzyFace Soaps
Product: Cold Water Shaving Soap
Founder: James Presley
Location: Washington, MO
Website - FuzzyFace Soaps

I first reached out to James about a week ago. I was asked to do a review on his shaving soap from one of our community members who saw a posting of it. When I emailed James to ask if he would be interested he told me he’s been a member of Wet The Face on google+ including my other social media outlets for about 8 to 9 months and would be happy to send me a sample. After our conversation I took a look at his ETSY store. Its jam packed with amazing shaving products not to mention face & body, skin moisturizers and gift sets.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Review - Dapper Dan Pomade Medium Hold & Shine

Company: Dapper Dan
Product: Dapper Dan Medium Hold Deluxe Pomade
Location: Sheffield, England 

I don’t have to tell you how hot the summers can get in New York and last week was one for the books. When I turned my car on the dashboard read 108° degrees and with the humidity it felt more like 120°. To top it off I needed to attend an outdoor engagement party that afternoon. Just the thought of it was stressing me out. Knowing that I would need to rely on a pomade strong enough for this kind of day I went with Dapper Dan a water based pomade from the UK.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Review - RazoRock German 37 Slant

Company: RazoRock
Product: German 37 Slant     
Location: Canada
Website – German Slant 37

Last week Razorock had a few announcements a new shaving soap and something that caught my attentions a German 37 slant razor.  I always wanted to try one but didn’t want to dump money into something that I might not like. The best part about this razor it only goes for $20.00 so no worries if it doesn't work out.

It took awhile to arrive because of the popularity of the product but it finally landed safe and sound. The razor was nestled in a black cardboard box with the words Classic Wet Shaving on one side and company’s logo on the others. Inside the box was a 5 pack of Derby Extra razor blades this reminded me of Men’s Soap Company they do the same thing with each shaving puck or tub. So after I removed the pack of blades there wrapped in tissue was the razor. I couldn’t wait to unwrapped it and once revealed I saw an assembled chrome plated highly polished 3-piece razor with bull dog handle just waiting for a blade.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review - Supply Provision / Tallow Shave Soap & Post Shave Tonic

Company: Supply Provision Co.         
Product: Tallow Shave Soap / Post Shave Tonic
Founder: Patrick Coddou
Location: Texas, USA
Website - Supply Provision

A few weeks back I did a review on the newly released razor called “The Single Edge” a real great razor and now Supply Provision has sent me the follow up to their new collection of wet shaving products. One is a tallow shave soap and the other post shave tonic.

The shaving soap comes in the standard plastic dark brown based tub with black screw on lid with side labels so if you stack your soaps their easy to identify. The label information educates on the product formulation and what the

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review - LAYRITE Original Pomade

Company: LAYRITE    
Product: LAYRITE Original
Location: Mesa, Ca

I have to thank my sister for sending me gift cards during the holiday season last year. This allowed me to spend money on pomades that I normally wouldn’t have been able to try and one of them was LAYRITE Original. I’m so glad I had the chance to try this its such a great product although I had some issues with the scent it just didn’t do it for me at first.

This is a thick gel like pomade which is easy to scoop from the 4oz tub. I would say the color to be a very light translucent yellow with a touch of magenta mix almost orange. It’s very easy to apply without any pulling or tugging. The scent is described as a mild vanilla but I just had an issue with it. As I used this pomade over time the scent become more inline to what I was accustom to. Seems like from the tub it didn’t release the true vanilla as when it was in my hair. Now every time I use it I get complements on it’s scent.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Review - Taylor Of Old Bond Street / Sandalwood

Company: Taylor of Old Bond Street
Product: Sandalwood Shaving Cream
Established 1854 In The Reign of Queen Victoria
Location: St James of London

I probably would have never known about Taylor of Old Bond Street if it wasn’t for my Luxury Barber Box subscription. In fact, I found many new items for myself that came from having that and was really upset that I had to cancel but as soon as things get back to normal in my life I’d like to turn that back on again.

I have the travel size sandalwood shaving cream which is about 2.5 fl oz it may not seem like a lot but a little goes a long way and this size is perfect if you just want to give it a try.