Saturday, December 31, 2022

Last Shave Of 2022

Welcome to our last shave of 2022. During the 2022 year, we released 7 new shaving soaps and aftershaves. We also introduced two new 3D-printed products a beautiful stand that holds 5 aftershaves and the other a wall-mounted version that holds 4. These all came from the very talented Chuck LaChancé I'm hoping we can see more of his designs for us in the future.

Next, we just released a new batch of Alford Wayman's Creek Road Pottery Bowls & Brushes which in only two days have once again sold out. Our next target date will be fathers day so please submit your out-of-stock notification on our website so you will be emailed as soon as they go on sale.

Our shaving soaps have been so much fun this year. I love watching them grow in popularity the first one that comes to mind is INFINITY. This was something that Ben Moran came to me and asked if I would make this for him due to having another artisan give up on the project. It was a memory he had of when his dad purchase the cologne Eternity for him as a young man and it was very special to him. I'm just glad I could do this for him.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

2 Pass Christmas Miracle

I'm often asked why when I shave I only do one pass and the answer is always the same It's because I never need to do two, one is all I ever need. That being said I wanted to give back a little so today I will do 2 passes one using a shaving soap puck from Bathhouse Soapary and the other a shaving cream called Pure from Gilette. If you have never tried any of these I would recommend making it a priority for 2023 both are wonderful in their own space. Both the cream and soap performed flawlessly and the shave was another one for the books.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

A Leaf Twig Shave

I've been asked by a few people if I could not use my Occam's Razor and just please use the Twig Leaf. So today I did just that. I wanted to do it from the standpoint of preparing the DE blade, loading the razor, and then setting it up to shave.

I've done an unboxing for the leaf a year ago and ever since then people always ask me about it. I'm not really sure what the mystery is all about. Maybe it's the crazy way the Twig opens up the first time you do it can be a head-scratching experience. The reason for the excessive turns to open the razor fully is that it needs to first raise the head plate so you can place a blade inside. It also moves the plate out of the way to make it easier to do. This is why twisting to open is a longer process than say a normal DE butterfly razor.

When shaving with this razor I am not happy with the small area it covers with each stroke. The single edge I normally use has a blade at least 3x larger in length which provides a greater shaving area thus finishing quicker with fewer strokes.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Art Of Shaving Puck Tallow Version

Today we turn our attention to the art of shaving. What I mean by that is years back I was sent a refill sandalwood tallow puck used in the wooden bowl they sell. It seems they had at some point discontinued the tallow version.

I have the current version and its bowl in my den so I didn't want to disturb that so I grabbed the Captain's Choice soap locker and drop the puck into and it fits like a glove. I then pushed it down to lock it in place but this puck need a little bath first so I filled the bowl with warm water a little over the puck and let it sit for 5 min. During this time the Puck made its way out of the bowls lock but after I dumped the water out I was able to just push the puck back down and it all just worked after that.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Pearl K2 Dual Handle DE Razor Review

Today we have a new hardware review from Pearl Razor It's the K2 Dual Handle DE Razor along with that razor I also received Sunrise Bliss shaving soap and a Pearl Synthetic Brush. All will be used in this week's video.

I'll start off with the shaving soap. this came to me in a tin I have to say it had a few dents to it which made the product look a little fatigued. When you look at the label you notice that its design is part of the way this product keeps its lid on without the tabs from the label holding the lid it would be flying right off. Now, this would be better placed in a plastic tub. Tins are almost all gone from wet shaving nowadays this one would be a perfect candidate.

The scent is a nice summertime fragrance but we are in December I thought it was a strange choice to send this one alone but it is the newest offering out of three available. It is not a bad scent at all but the notes are not listed on the website. They keep referring to it as an Artisan shaving soap but have you ever seen ingredients like these in an Artisan soap? Stearic acid,Mystric acid,Palmitic acid, Coconut oil, D.M.Water,Propylene Glycol,Potassium Hydroxide,E.D.T.A, perfume, color ci42090. This is a private-label soap just like the others they have there is nothing artisan about it except that it refers to it on its label.