Saturday, January 25, 2020

Taconic Shave Excalibur Shaving Soap

Company: Taconic Shave
Product: Excalibur Shaving Soap

I see many SOTD or shave of the days and recently I’ve seen some around this one particular shaving soap called Excalibur. A Product by Taconic Shave a New York company in the Hudson Vally creating all-natural products and sold by Super Safety Razors. Excalibur comes in a tin and it’s been some time since I've seen tins of shaving soap on the market so that made me even more interested so I ordering one.

The package arrived in a timely fashion. The tin was one of the ones I’ve purchased when I first started in wet shaving. it was a push to close not a screw-on lid. The surprise was inside when it relieved a glycerin puck. Disappointed at first I held the puck close to my nose and man the disappointment faded away.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Enoch Single Edge Razor - Occam's Razor

Company: Occam’s Razor Product: Enoch Single Edge Razor Kickstarter backers are patient people I once waited two years for a razor to arrive and when it did it needed to be replaced. That being said anyone who knows my YouTube channel knows how much I love the Occam’s Razor Nano and when they announced the new Enoch Single Edge Razor I just jumped to attention and put my order in and have been waiting ever since. Well, finally, it has arrived. In the box came loads of extra goodies an alum block, Shaving soap (unscented) pre-shave oil and a bottle fragrance oil for the soap. Not sure why the just did give you the scented soap because they only supplied one scent for it. After thinking about this I guess they just wanted to promote sales of the available scents they offer.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

OneBlade - Core Razor

Company: OneBlade
Product: OneBlade Core

When the One Blade Razor first hit the market I was very excited to see something new in the wet shaving space. On further inspection uncovered a beautifully designed razor but with a price tag of $400.00 After pulling myself up off the floor from laughing I wanted to know just what made this razor worth $400.00 was it the pivoting head, R&D, materials? I’m still not sure what it is but when I recently saw the One Blade Core a cheaper version of the Genesis selling for $20.00 originally $50.00. I said to myself this seems more in line with the majority of wet shavers are willing to spend on a razor. The recent lowering of the core price would suggest this as well and doing a review on the core would benefit most wet shavers.

When the Razor arrived you can see that a lot of time and money was spent on packaging most likely that cost more the razor to produce. The presentation was done so well that it made you feel like you had purchased the $400.00 version and I’m sure this is intentional. This was the first razor I ever purchased that came with its own stand and it looks really good when it’s in use too.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Dapper Dan - Heavy Hold and Shine Pomade

What a mess my hair is. Well, I’m doing a pomade review for Dapper Dan and I have to say it really worked well. I started in the morning and didn’t touch it. I came home about 10 hours later to show you the results.⁣
⁣Take a look at the video and what happens after 10 hours. See if it holds up or not. ⁣