Saturday, December 30, 2017

Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Company: Duke Cannon Supply Co.
Product: Big Ass Bar of Soap
Location: Chicago

In the midst of the holiday rush, I found myself in a bed & bath. I had already selected my purchases and was waiting on line. As you know the lines can get pretty long during the holidays and this day was no exception. Luckily, I was near an entertaining section for me the men’s care products and my eye caught this product line from Duke Cannon. I asked the person in front of me to hold my place for just a sec and after her eyes rolled up into her head I stepped out of the line. I gazed down at the BIG ASS BRICK OF SOAP I picked the one that read “Smells Like Productivity” and could not believe this was a 10oz bar of soap it was massive. I ran back in line and was able to take that with me to the counter.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Wet The Face / Taboo

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Taboo
Founder: Don Youngner
Location: Huntington N.Y.

A few months ago, I had this great idea for a shaving soap. It was turning out to be a complex scent but upon completion, I needed to find a name for it. I struggled with this for some time and it was getting where I needed to create the label which for me is my last step in the creative process. Nothing I selected seemed to fit it got so bad that the soap was put aside for that reason. During this time, I found a new show I got hooked on called Taboo it’s about an adventurer James Keziah Delaney who returns to London during the War of 1812 to rebuild his late father's shipping empire. However, both the government and his biggest competitor want his inheritance at any cost - even murder. This show was different than anything I’ve seen on TV before so I decided the scent of my soap was just as unique and Taboo was selected.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Happy Place Soap / Natural Unscented

Company: Happy Place Soap
Product: Natural Unscented
Founder: Jason Van Lieu
Discount Code for WTF Subscribers!

Sometimes we concentrate too much on the scent of a shaving soap and ignore the most important part, performance. Today we look at Happy Place Soap a Natural Unscented shaving soap. Don’t get me wrong they have many scented soaps which are just fantastic I know because I had the pleasure of also using one called Morning Coffee a dark espresso scent that just blew me away but I’d like to change things up a bit.

This soap comes in a 4oz clear plastic tub with a white screw on lid. The label is a one color simple design it gets right to the point as to what to expect no-nonsense (Pun intended).

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Wet The Face / The Quiet Man

Company: Wet The Face
Product: The Quiet Man
Founder: Don Youngner
Location: Huntington N.Y.

I remember as a kid I used to watch John Wayne movies with my dad. Most of them were westerns or war movies but one stood out to me called The Quiet Man. The setting of this classic took place in Ireland. I never forgot this movie and often watch it when it’s on it brings back memories of my dad.  One recent viewing sparked an idea for the name of a shaving soap I was working on a scent based on Creed’s Green Irish Tweed. It seemed everyone making this kind of scented soap was adding the word tweed in its title so I wanted to be different. I was hoping people would get the reference. The day I released mine I sold out my first batch in 3 days.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Review - Wet The Face / Himitsu

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Himitsu
Founder: Don Youngner
Location: Huntington, N.Y. 

The creative process is different for all individuals. For me, I’m always jotting down names and ideas for shaving soaps some of them never see the light of day and others go into production. Recently I released three new shaving soaps into my product line and they are Taboo, The Quiet Man, and Himitsu which is what this review will be about. 

Himitsu means secret and the secret to this soap is getting the right combination of the oils to work together not letting one overpower the other. Each oil used could be a standalone scent but getting them to work together that’s the secret.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Review - Mavericks / Shave

Company: Mavericks
Product: Shave
Founder: Brad Yim
Location: SF, California
Founded by MIT engineers & developed in Silicon Valley

Our review begins with a trip back to 2014 a story about a guy named Pete. Pete had a hard time trying to find the right product for his sensitive skin. Whatever he used would cause him skin irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burn. I suffer from this myself and it can be very frustrating and painful, to say the least. It was so bad for Pete he even tried laser treatment on his face but nothing seemed worked.

We now cut to MIT where Pete’s engineering buddy worked to solve this problem for him. Instead of looking at a hardware solution he found the answer in software with a little inspiration from Steve Jobs and created a 3-in-1 shaving cream solution based on science which is how Mavericks Shave Cream was born.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Greg Wagner - DE Vintage Razors / Custom Shaving Soap

Company: Greg Wagner
Product: DE Vintage Razors / Custom Shaving Soap
Founder: Greg Wagner
Location: Rockledge Florida

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on Facebook Greg Wagner when we got into a discussion regarding manly scents. I put forth my best argument for my selections and then Greg said he had something called Braggi and it’s the manliest scent he has ever come across and to prove it he would make me a custom shaving soap with the actual scent from the cologne. I had to accept this offer and I’m so glad I did because Greg was right.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Black Ship Grooming / Cap N Dark Side

Company: Black Ship Grooming
Product: Cap N Dark Side
Founder: Kelly Hogan
Location: Beaver, PA

Today we look at Black Ship a company you might have known as Beaver Wood Wright Soaps. This new rebrand is so much fun I get a kick out of each new release. Today will be looking at Cap N Dark Side. 

Black Ship comes in a plastic white 6.0 oz. tub with a black screw on lid and the reason for this will become clearer as I explain about the label. As the name implies Cap N Dark Side refers to the Star Wars craze that is currently going on in our culture once again. The label has a cartoon-like picture of a man in the Darth Vader helmet sporting an eye patch a Pirate Vader if you will.
The side labels include Ingredients, Website location, Scent information.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Moon Soaps / Old School Shaving Soap

Company: Moon Soaps
Product: Old School
Founder: Melody & Zachary Kent
Location: Aptos, CA

This week we have something new in the den. A recent entry into the wet shaving community is Melody & Zachary Kent making there shaving soap debut with a new Tallow based shaving soap called Old School. This is the first of many more to come and will act as the anchor to the lineup. Zachary was adamant about using tallow for his shaving soaps and I believe nothing else could have sufficed.

This is a 6oz tub with a black screw on lid which allows ample room for loading your brush.
The packaging is really great showing off Zac’s talents. You see he's an artist and owns his own screen printing company as well. He’s been in the graphic design business since 1999, working with bands and business owners to design original art for gig posters, logos, t-shirts, business cards, websites. So, I’m hoping to see some amazing label art from him soon. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Nivea Men Shaving Cream / 2 Phase Aftershave

Company: Nivea
Product: Nivea Men Shaving Cream  2 Phase Aftershave

We are now getting down to the last few items in the care package. I had a wonderful time going thru all of the wet shaving product from the UK and big thanks go out to Leslie Asare our videos and articles would not have been possible without your generous donations.

Nivea products seem to be a staple around most of the local drug stores in the US and like all companies that have gone global, some products are only available in certain countries. Take for instance the two products Nivea Men’s Shaving Cream and the 2-phase aftershave. I might have seen the shaving cream but not the 2 Phase aftershave and both are fantastic.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Skullbuster Soaps / Kumbaya

Company: Skullbuster Soaps   
Product: Kumbaya
Founder: Alec Goenner
Location: Egg Harbor, New Jersey

We have a new artisan in the wet shaving community hailing out of Egg Harbor New Jersey his name is Alec Goenner of SkullBuster soaps, He is making a name for himself with some very impressive offerings. I received 5 samples of his tallow-based shaving soaps about two weeks ago and let me tell you the scents on these are fantastic. We have Casa de CafĂ©, Cucumber Mint, Five O’clock Shadow, For the Love of Leather and Kumbaya which is the one I connected with and is what this review will be based on. As soon as I opened the sample it became my favorite.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Elvado Shaving Cream

Company: Elvado
Product: Elvado Shaving Cream
Location: Shakespeare, Ontario, Canada  

Today we look at shaving cream that comes from the company Elvado. They offer a unique pump dispenser shaving cream line but in addition, they have the conventional tin style as well. Along with shaving creams, they also have aftershaves tonics. These have no alcohol so less sting but they're formulated to help with healing. For this review, I will concentrate on the Tin shaving creams and follow up with another review for the Pump shaving creams later.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

OSP Obsessive Soap Perfectionist / Neroli

Company: OSP Obsessive Soap Perfectionist
Product: Neroli
Founder: James Riley
Location: London, England

Today we have another great shaving soap artisan out of London, England. They call him “The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist” OSP for short. This name was lovingly given to him by his adoring fans. I know him as James Riley. About two years ago I started hearing some buzz about this shaving soap artisan from England and getting rave reviews so I tracked him down and asked to pay for the shipping on the samples he wanted to send me and from that day on I was hooked on his incredible soaps.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

JabonMan / EUFROS Premium GEA

Company: JabonMan
Product: EUFROS Premium GEA
Founder: Manuel Garcia
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Website: -

Every once in a while, you hear buzz about a hard to find shaving soap that’s getting lots of attention. I’ve checked back on my community and only seen it come up about 3 times in the SOTD postings so I’d say It’s pretty obscure. I never found out who or where this artisan was or how to order it until about four months ago when my friend Melvin Hollenberg who lives in the Netherlands sent me this letter explaining he wanted to contribute to our giveaways and provided us with two shaving soaps and a straight razor as well. The straight comes from the company Solingen and it’s just stunning. The soaps are from Spain and we have two tins of them. One is premium tallow the other just says premium so no tallow. They just happened to be the ones I’ve been looking for but sadly for me, I’m not able to keep them because all of these items will be part of our Dec giveaway the last one of 2017.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Real Shave CO. (RS)

Company: The Real Shave CO.
Product: Shave2 Cream / Post Shave Balm
Location: England

So far, our UK care package has given us some wonderful products to talk about and this week is no exception. Today I bring you a shave cream and post shave balm from The Real Shave Company. Hard as I might I couldn’t find the shaving cream under the name “Shave2” on the website. I think it now goes by the name of "Traditional Shave Cream" this unique shaving cream is “Double concentrated” which gives you more slickness and glide for a comfortable shave.

The packaging is the standard tube with a flip to open lid. A giant RS logo on the front along with product name and description and amounts in ml and oz this one is 150ml or 5.07 fl oz. BTW after taking a second look, I found the packaging is now a light blue and no longer in the brown which is displayed here.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Erasmic Shaving Cream

Company: Amber House Ltd
Product: Erasmic
Location: United Kingdom
Website – Google for best price

Again, from the UK care package we have selected another shave cream called Erasmic for this week’s shave. This is a product of Amber House Ltd.  The product states that it has the same great formula since 1886 but maybe they should tweak it a just a bit.  A little more on that later.

The packaging is very attractive with a bold red box with white text except for the product name which is in black and some other accents. The tube holds about 7.5ml with a screw on cap but I would rather if it had a flip top.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Phoenix & Beau / Denali

Company: Phoenix & Beau
Product: Denali
Founders: Kerry & Sarah Burrows
Location:  Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England

Another look into our care package from the UK brings out a menthol delight called Denali a seasonal shaving soap from Phoenix & Beau based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, a family business founded by Kerry & Sarah Burrows in 2015. Kerry spent nine months building and testing a formula that led to the creation of a vegan and, some time after, a tallow based soap. After extensive testing with the group “The Shaving Room” Phoenix & Beau was launched in February 2016 from Kerry’s home-based studio. Here they continue to work together to bring the wet shaving community amazing products.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Review - Black Ship Grooming / Ghost Ship

Company: Black Ship Grooming
Product: Ghost Ship
Founder: Kelly Hogan
Location: Beaver PA

When Ghost Ship was first introduced I really didn’t think much about grapefruit being something I would like and then the reports started coming in by the droves all positive of just how great this shaving soap really was and being a wet shaver I just couldn’t resist so I jumped on board. Ghost Ship is the creation Kelly Hogan the owner of the now rebranded Beaver Wood right. Today they go by the company name of Black Ship Grooming. No matter what name your tub happens to have on it you can’t deny how amazing their shaving soaps and after shaves are. It’s surprising to know that this company started out making pens and rolling pins. The name Beaver Woodright was derived from Kelly residing in Beaver PA and his wood working prowess of which people who do that sort of thing are called wood rights hence the name Beaver Woodright. The name change happened in 2015 when the company focus turned to pirate themed shaving soaps and accessories. Many people had commented at shows that name just didn’t fit anymore so, after talking it over with his wife Black Ship Grooming was born.   

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Review - Cool Cologne Shave Cream

Company: Boots
Product: Cool Cologne
Location: Nottingham, England
Website: Cool Cologne

You can say I have someone with the inside scoop when it comes to Wet Shaving in the UK. Yesterday a new “Care Package” arrived loaded to the brim with shaving creams and soaps. I found items that I’ve never heard of or seen before things that without living there would have been imposable to know about let alone buy. A note inside from Leslie Asare explaining he thought I might like to try some of these products from the UK and So far, all my videos and blog articles from this point on reviewing products from the UK have been donated by Leslie Asare so a big THANK YOU goes out to him.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Review - Lather Bros / Flora Colossus & AfterShave Balm

Company: Lather Bros
Product: Flora Colossus & AfterShave Balm
Founder: Andres Mateus
Location: Miami Lakes Fl.

A few of my YouTube followers asked if could arrange to review the new Lather Bros Flora Colossus. That was back in July and now that it’s August I finally have the time to test and produced the promised review. Just a note as of this writing the website says SOLD OUT! Also, on my last review of this company’s website I pointed out some minor issues but they have all been resolved. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Review - Regiment / Bravura Shaving Soap

Company: Regiment
Product: Bravura (Bravery)
Location: Riverside, California

Today I’m looking at the Regiment company’s line of shaving soaps. A veteran owned company with a love of God, Country and the pride of the military service as part of its mission statement. The regiment is a full-service online store. You’ll also find shaving brushes, Safety Razors & Blades, Brush Stands, and other Apparel.

Regiment shaving soap comes in a tin with a screw on lid. The ingredients list runs around the outer rim of the label. Also, visible is the website URL and underneath in bold letters the company name. The scent name is above all this near the top. Tins are becoming rarer these days since plastic tubs are resistant to dings and dents and can be such a pain to deal with. I’m not sure exactly why but I can’t see this product in any other vessel other than a tin. It’s just the way I see it. Place this in a plastic tub and it loses its authenticity somehow.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Review - Edwin & Jagger Cooling Menthol

Company: Edwin & Jagger
Product: Cooling Menthol Shaving Cream
Location: England

I have incredible friends in wet shaving. Wet The Face has been around since March of 2015 and in this time I've been sent many samples from around the world which leads me to one of them from England called Edwin and Jagger Cooling Menthol shaving cream.

The sample package is just enough for one to two shaves or at least that's how it worked out for me. If you do have any left it's sure to be safe with the snap on lid provided on the sample tub. I can't be sure but it looks to be about 1oz.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Review- RazoRock XXX

Company: RazoRock
Product: XXX
Founder: Joseph Abbatangelo
Website -
Story Updated on 7/29/2017

Wet Shavers have been talking about this soap for years. The history is legendary. Some people like the original others like the new tallow based creation. Since I’ve never had the opportunity to use the first version I can only give you my impressions of the one that’s available now. 

RazoRock has a standard black plastic tub with a screw on lid for the majority of its soaps. The tubs also have a smaller second lid made of clear plastic, which sits, inside the first protecting the soap and allowing it to be sealed. All of Razorock soaps have an opening which is more than ample to lather from. A nice feature of this design is these tubs are stackable but without side labels, this feature is lost. The redesigned label and logo is truly eye catching. The tub pictured is from 2014.  

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Review - Crowne & Crane / Musique Nuit (Night Music)

Company: Crowne & Crane
Product: Musique Nuit (Night Music)
Location: Woodstock, GA

When the parcel arrived, it was filled to the brim with samples I took my time to examine each one and never reference the company's website or articles that might have reviewed it before me. We had a lot to choose from but I narrowed it down to two shaving soaps Tobacco Leaf and Musique Nuit. I do a lot of reviews on Tobacco shaving scents I even have few in my own line so I wanted to go with something different. Little did I realize that the shaving soap I picked for the video and article review was in fact for a woman. I have to tell you I really loved the scent and no matter what gender it was intended for the performance was great! I was thinking of redoing everything but that wouldn't be honest so I'm going with what I picked. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Review - The Art of Shaving

Company: The Art Of Shaving
Products: Balm/Shaving Cream
Location: Walt Whitman Mall

When you dive into this hobby, information comes at you from all directions eventually someone tells you about "The Art of Shaving". At the time, I didn't know any better and was willing to just get started so I took a visit to my local mall called Walt Whitman. This is considered a high-end mall you'll find no food courts here no Burger Kings or McDonald's. I located the directory and to my surprise, a brand new The Art of Shaving Store had just opened.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review - QShave or Ming Shi Shaver 2000S

Company: QShave
Product: QShave or Ming Shi Shaver 2000S

You can't help but notice how great this razor looks. Once you see it your curiosity will get the best of you. The modern styling of the razor will draw you in. At first glance, this looks like just like the Chrome Futura Safety Razor from the German company Merkur. That one sells for $105.00 but this is the knockoff which is called the QShave I've also seen this advertised as the Ming Shi Shaver 2000S. Now the question is how good is it.

I saw the Ming Shi Shaver 2000S for about $12.95 on the Maggard's website and with shipping, it came close to $18.00 so I clicked buy right away.  Happy with my purchase I found myself talking about it to a friend on my Wet the Face community. He asked me how much did I spend on it when I told him he replied I got mine for $5.00. I said you're kidding no way and then he sent me the link and he was right I felt like such a fool. So, I called Maggard's and explained to him what my friend just told me. He replied with this logic "You'll have yours in two days while the one from China will take two weeks to arrive". So, I purchased a second one from China as well. I wanted to see if they would be the same and how long it would actually take from China to get to me which I found out to be a little over a week.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Review - Ingram Shaving Cream

Company: Ingram
Product: Ingram Shaving Cream
Website – GoogleSearch

Last month I was given a box containing shaving products from my friend in the UK. The first on the list was Palmolive shaving cream and now I’m dipping into the box again and pulling out Ingram an amazing mentholated shaving cream that’s sure to please.

This is another staple of the UK. I’ve seen it advertised on websites there for as low as $2.00. Looks are deceiving here because this underestimated looking shaving cream is a one of the best I’ve used.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Review - The Artisan Soap Shoppe / Arctic

Company: The Artisan Soap Shoppe
Product: Arctic / Barber Shop Aftershave Moisturizer
Founder: Jenny & Aaron Peck
Location: Springfield MO

There’s a buzz in the wet shaving community and it’s all because of Jenny Peck one of the owners of The Artisan Soap Shoppe. Last month when I was visiting Pastures in N.Y. and overheard conversations from a few visitors also included was the person who helps with the ordering of shaving products. They all talked about how great this new artisan is but I had no idea who they were talking about. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Review - Forge & Foundry / Bay Rum Shaving Soap

Company: Forge & Foundry
Product: Bay Rum Shaving Soap
Founder: Jeff Bridgers
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Jeff Bridgers is a local modern blacksmith in Wilmington, North Carolina. An amazing artisan whose independence and dedication to his craft shows in the quality products he produces. Jeff’s creations are all hand made from the art he forges to the grooming products, handcrafted knives, and razors he makes. You’ll get a better sense of what I’m talking about by taking a quick look on his website. His video explains who he is and what he stands for. An impressive individual.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Review - Palmolive Shaving Cream

Company: Colgate-Palmolive
Product: Palmolive Shaving Cream
Location: New York City, NY
Website - Palmolive

I’ve seen this happen before a new shaving soap or cream comes on the market with the price around $100.00. All the wet shaving YouTubers jump at being the first one on the block to make a video about it. What really excites me is finding something that coast $3.00 that acts and performs like it’s $100.00. Well I found one although it’s not from the US this is a UK product called Palmolive Shaving Cream. This was possible due to my friend from the UK Leslie Asare he subscribes to my youtube channel and thought I would enjoy a few soaps and creams from the UK. This happened once before with my friend Melvin Hollenberg he gave me the shaving soap called De Vergulde Hand from the Netherlands another amazing shaving soap that’s considered a staple and costs very little.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Review - Sudsy Soapery / Twice Mint

Company: Sudsy Soapery
Product: Twice Mint
Founders:  Jonathan and Kaycie

When time permits and the stars are aligned just right which happens less and less these days I head over to Pastures Pharmacy. It truly is the Mecca for all wet shavers to visit. I’ve never seen so many shaving products in one place or like-minded people for that matter like Dave Flores whom I met when I was there. We talked about products we tried and thinking of getting until Leon the owner told us about a package he just received from Sudsy Soapery. They had been sent samples of shaving soap and told us to go through them and pick out the ones we liked.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Review - Victory Shaving Company / 75th Anniversary Doolittle Raid

Company: Victory Shaving Company Veteran Owned
Product: 75th Anniversary Doolittle’s Raid 
Location: Cheyenne WY

A little background first
Taken from the website
On April 18, 1942 80 brave Airmen led by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle took off from the deck of the USS Hornet in (16) B-25 Mitchell Bombers on a top-secret mission more than 650 miles from their target destination which was 200 miles further away than originally planned after their discovery by a Japanese picket boat. Although the raid itself inflicted minimal strategic damage the boost to US morale following the events of Pearl Harbor and the damage to both the Japanese psyche and their war strategy were priceless. Following the raid reporters speculated and clamored for days continually asking where the planes had taken off from. In response President Franklin D. Roosevelt wittily stated that the B-25s had taken off from "Shangri-La" in reference to a fictional place as described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon written by British author James Hilton.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rockwell Razors / 6C Adjustable Settings

Company: Rockwell Razors
Product: Rockwell 6C Razor
Founders: Garth / Morgan
Location: Toronto, Canada 
I’m a big fan of and when they have something that I might like they notified me and this one really peaked my interest. A company called Rockwell was coming out with a new DE razor that adjusts to your skin type and stubble length, so you get a close, comfortable shave - every time. Over 2,054 backers pledged $98,915 to help bring this project to life. I was backer number 22. I went for the early bird special and got in at $40. The project was successfully funded on Oct 21, 2016. I don’t often jump into things like this but with KickStarters it does often pay to be first.

On May 10th, the parcel arrived and to my surprise they included an additional 70 blades from the 30 they had offered and added a very nice Rockwell Razor Bank to complete the package.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Review - C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream

Company: C.O. Bigelow
Product: Shaving Cream
Created by Proraso Exclusively for C.O. Bigelow
Established: 1838

I’ve been looking for a good shaving cream lately and been very disappointed on my search results. Then I came across a post from both Stephen Davison and Michael Davis members of my Google+ Wet the Face community. They  posted a SOTD using C.O. Bigelow shaving cream. I tried just about everything else so why not try this one too. I found the site online and put an ordered in.

When the parcel arrived, on the outside the box read 414 Sixth Avenue below ninth street. I had no idea of the address so now I might be able to take a visit to the store when I’m in the city during my lunch break. Everything was carefully packed nestled inside the bubble wrap. My order of one premium shaving cream 5.2oz and two additional samples of Proraso Balm and Marvis Mint Mouth Wash where both free of charge when you order from the website over a certain amount.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Review - Burt's Bees Shave Cream

Company: Burt’s Bees
Product: Shaving Cream
Founder: Burt Shavitz & Roxanne Quimby

It’s amazing what two people from Maine can achieve. A good example of this would be Burt’s Bees. Having humble beginnings located in an abandoned one-room schoolhouse Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby turned this small company into a major player in organic & natural products and them moving to personal care line. Like with all companies that start out with good intentions something happens along the way and that something was Clorox, they acquired Burt's Bees in 2007 for more than $900 million and things started to really change for the company.

Clorox saw which way the market was headed in fact In 2008, The Clorox became the first major consumer packaged goods company to develop and nationally launch a green cleaning line, Green Works, into the mainstream cleaning aisle. So, they made an offer that Roxanne could not refuse. They even kept Burt on as a spokesperson going to trade shows because he was so identifiable to the brand.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Review - Smith Family Soapworks

Company: Smith Family Soap Works
Product: Lime Shaving Soap
Location:  Murrieta, California

Every wet shaver when buying shaving soap knows if you see “Olive Oil” listed in the ingredients you normally would shy away from the product. The reason for this is olive oil tends to kill lather and if you find one that does have great lather it fades away very quickly. Well this has all changed now since finding Smith Family Soap Works. A family own company out of Murrieta, California that specializes in creating an array of Olive Oil products including a line of shaving soap. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pacific Shaving Company / Caffeinated Shaving Cream

Company: Pacific Shaving Co.
Product: Caffeinated Shaving Cream & Aftershave

When I saw this shaving cream on the shelves at target I thought why caffeine? Why would I need caffeine in my shaving cream?  As it turns out, you really don’t. They do say it reduces redness but does it really? I think it has more to do with the packaging and product targeting then how it helps your skin.

Pacific has been around for a while since 2000 and has done very well with the original offerings starting with after shave oil and moving toward shaving scream. In that time, you’ll always see a redesign when products start to lose momentum on the shelf. I think this is what’s happening here. The caffeine infused shaving cream is nothing more than a gimmick in my opinion. Just like the new single use shaving cream minis. The casing is encapsulated in a food-grade, 100% water-soluble film they dissolved when they touch water. Nice idea but I think this would appeal to a younger crowd.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Review - Mystic Water Soap / Lemon Verbena

Company: Mystic Water Soap
Product: Lemon Verbena Shaving Soap
Founder: Michelle Burns, Soap Artisan
Location: Riverdale Park, MD 

Ok, let me start off by saying I screwed up. I ordered a refill instead of tub and because of that I can’t really say much about the packaging. I did however create my own out of a Pine Brother plastic case for cough drops. It was the perfect size after I sliced the puck down the middle and the label fit just right.

Michelle runs her shop out of Riverdale Park, MD where she’s been making artisan soap for over fifteen years. Her first foray into shaving soap was an eye-opening experience she quickly found out that it’s not as easy as making bar soap. So, after many failed attempts and reformulations Michelle got it right and lucky for us because her shaving soap is truly outstanding. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Review - WSP Formula T BarberShop

Company: WSP
Product: Formula T BarberShop
Founder: Lee
Location: Chandler, Arizona

I’ve always been impressed with the vegan rustic line of shaving soaps from WSP. The performance and value are outstanding. We now have FormulaT with shea butter and tallow. Lee has taken the existing rustic line and over time has transformed them all into Formula T which in my opinion has increased the performance of the outstanding shaving soap.  

This impressive barbershop scent is typical of classic America from years gone by. The scent includes a base of powdery musk, some bergamot, orange zest, oakmoss, patchouli, and finished it with a hint of geranium. The full list of natural ingredients includes: stearic acid, water, tallow, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, glycerin, butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), fragrance, & sodium hydroxide. Free of synthetic dyes & preservatives.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Review - Through The Fire Fine Craft Bay Rum Shaving Soap

Company: Through The Fire Fine Craft
Product: Bay Rum Shaving Soap
Location: Alanson, MI

A few weeks back I was given some items to try and sell on my flea market. I present yet another shaving soap called Through The Fire Fine Craft Bay Rum. I’ve never used this before and last week I was so impressed with this soap I wanted to keep it for myself but I did promise to put it up so I will.

The soap comes in a clear 4.0oz tub with screw on lid. The labels have a great color combination of red, gold and black. Each tub has a simple but direct statement of what the scent is. At the time of this writing the website seems to be under construction. I can’t figure out if this Bay Rum is part of the of the Premium collection for $14.99 or the classic at $12.99 because it wasn’t listed on the site for sale. I even tried Maggard Razors and found lots Through The Fire soaps but no Bay Rum.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Review - L'Occitane Shaving Soap

Company: L'Occitane
Product: Shaving Soap
Location: Paris

Being an I.T. consultant in Manhattan you get to see some amazing places like the Trump Tower, Russian Tea Room and Rockefeller Center to name a few.  I also came across one place I always wanted to go into and that’s L'Occitane. A high-end company from Paris that carries Men’s shaving products I’ve always wanted to try them. I’m currently on a budget so I had to be very selective and I finally picked the modest $12.00 shaving puck called Savon A Barbe Shaving Soap in the Cade scent.

The puck comes in a simple box but the cashier gave me this little bag to carry it in. I didn’t want to walk around the city with this so I stuffed it in my tool bag until I got home. When you open the box the puck was wrapped in cellophane but I did see that you can purchase a beautiful aluminum shaving bowl and the puck together for $40.00. If I had the chance to do it again (and budget) I would opt to purchase both.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Review - Olivina Shaving Cream

Company: Olivina
Product: Olivina Flash Foam Shaving Cream
New Company 2016-2017

Last week I thought I found what had to be the worst product ever for shaving but my last shave with Olivina Flash Foam Shaving Cream has made me crown a new King. All Hail The New King!

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging. This bronze and white tube popped right out at me from the shelves at Target. I picked one up and did the next thing any respectable wet shaver would do I tested the scent and what a scent it is the bourbon and cedar was so intoxicating I knew this was going to be a great shaving cream. To be honest I made the mistake of judging something purely on scent alone and should have known better.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Review - Bull Dog Shave Cream

Company: Bull Dog
Product: Original Shave Cream
Location: United Kingdom

When I was roaming the aisle of Target last week I came across a new shaving cream called Bull Dog. A product of the UK this “Original Shave Cream” comes in packaging reminiscent of days gone by it’s in a squeezable metal tube. This tube retains the shape of where you pressed. I’m not a fan of this kind of packaging the product looks terrible on the counter after a few uses. I found out from the company’s website that they do sell it in the plastic tube but I couldn’t find it here in N.Y. but I was able to locate it online.

The cream includes Aloe, Camelina and Green Tea on the package I’m not sure what they bring to the product but my assessment is not much.    

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Review - Lather Bros / Calle Ocho

Company: Lather Bros.
Product: Calle Ocho
Location: Miami Lakes FL.
Website - LatherBros

Today we have something new in the den from Miami Lakes FL a company called Lather Bros provided us with one of their shaving soaps and after shaves called Calle Ocho or “Eight Street” the center of Cuban life and culture in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. This vibrant street is known for its Cuban restaurants, popular ventanitas, Cuban bakeries, Cigar Shops, Domino Park and colorful street festivals. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review - Retro Shave Shop / The Black Pearl

Company: Retro Shave Shop
Product: Route66 The Black Pearl
Founder: Kathleen (Kt)
Location: Arizona
Website - RetroShaveShop

The first thing that impressed me with Retro Shave Shop was its website. I really dig the retro look. The clean appearance and nostalgic feel adds to the pleasure of making purchases.

I tend to order samples when available and we had lots to choose from here. I have to hand it to Kt not too bad for a one woman show! I narrowed it down and ordered two “Cavendish” and one “The Black Pearl” The samples arrived in a bag that reminded me of when I was a kid buying candy. Each sample was individually wrapped in the same type of bag but much smaller and sealed with a piece of tape on the back. The soaps were in an Italian ice like paper cup approximately .5oz. with a clear label on the outer packaging denoting the scent. This packaging looks great but I do have issues with this method. When I used The Black Pearl for the review I noticed the soap was a bit dry and had a top layered crust which was due to not having an air tight seal. I did manage to find fresh soap under that top layer and was able to bowl lather with no addtional issues.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review Long Rifle Soap Co. / Hunting Lodge

Company: Long Rifle Soap Co.
Product: Hunting Lodge
Founder: Amanda Brooker
Location: Wisconsin
WebSite - Hunting Lodge

I remember getting my first pucks back in 2015 and since then Long Rifle has grown into an amazing company. They offer much more than they did 2 years ago and have reformulated their shaving soaps and added shaving creams to the mix. I have to disclose the fact that we are currently running a giveaway but I felt it was time to give a brief update to this artisan.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Review - Wheat State Soap / Sweet Tobacco

Barbershop plastic tub shown
Company: Wheat State Soaps
Product: Sweet Tobacco
Founder: Keith Barger
Location: Derby, Kansas
Website - WheatStateSoap

I try my best to help other artisans who reach out to me and ask for my opinion. Whether it’s an after shave or a shaving soap I always try and give them good feedback. Sometimes life just gets in the way as it did with Keith from Wheat State Soap. I just didn’t have to time to send him my feedback but now things have settled down and more than ready to contribute. I’m also allowed to do a video which was not allowed before so don’t forget to check that out as well.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Review - Yesto Natural Man Shaving Cream

Company: Yesto
Product: Natural Man - Shaving Cream

            When I find myself wanting something new to try in wet shaving the first place I look at my local CVS, Target and Walmart stores. I don’t always come across something new but this time I found what I feel is a gem. It’s a shaving cream for men called Natural Man shaving Cream. The Yesto brand offerings are vast including face, body, hair, lips and baby but now this new line called Natural Man includes Shower to go cleaning cloths. A daily face scrub plus face lotion, charcoal bar soap and for the wet shaver a post shave cooling balm and shaving cream.

Can something be called Natural if 4% of ingredients are not? I’m not sure but it’s states this proudly with a circular stamp on the outside of the packaging. I guess just having the word natural appearing on your products is a win for the brand but regardless of that this is still an amazing shaving cream.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Review - K Shave Worx Cure For A Belly Ache

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