Saturday, September 16, 2017

Erasmic Shaving Cream

Company: Amber House Ltd
Product: Erasmic
Location: United Kingdom
Website – Google for best price

Again, from the UK care package we have selected another shave cream called Erasmic for this week’s shave. This is a product of Amber House Ltd.  The product states that it has the same great formula since 1886 but maybe they should tweak it a just a bit.  A little more on that later.

The packaging is very attractive with a bold red box with white text except for the product name which is in black and some other accents. The tube holds about 7.5ml with a screw on cap but I would rather if it had a flip top.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Phoenix & Beau / Denali

Company: Phoenix & Beau
Product: Denali
Founders: Kerry & Sarah Burrows
Location:  Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England

Another look into our care package from the UK brings out a menthol delight called Denali a seasonal shaving soap from Phoenix & Beau based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, a family business founded by Kerry & Sarah Burrows in 2015. Kerry spent nine months building and testing a formula that led to the creation of a vegan and, some time after, a tallow based soap. After extensive testing with the group “The Shaving Room” Phoenix & Beau was launched in February 2016 from Kerry’s home-based studio. Here they continue to work together to bring the wet shaving community amazing products.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Review - Black Ship Grooming / Ghost Ship

Company: Black Ship Grooming
Product: Ghost Ship
Founder: Kelly Hogan
Location: Beaver PA

When Ghost Ship was first introduced I really didn’t think much about grapefruit being something I would like and then the reports started coming in by the droves all positive of just how great this shaving soap really was and being a wet shaver I just couldn’t resist so I jumped on board. Ghost Ship is the creation Kelly Hogan the owner of the now rebranded Beaver Wood right. Today they go by the company name of Black Ship Grooming. No matter what name your tub happens to have on it you can’t deny how amazing their shaving soaps and after shaves are. It’s surprising to know that this company started out making pens and rolling pins. The name Beaver Woodright was derived from Kelly residing in Beaver PA and his wood working prowess of which people who do that sort of thing are called wood rights hence the name Beaver Woodright. The name change happened in 2015 when the company focus turned to pirate themed shaving soaps and accessories. Many people had commented at shows that name just didn’t fit anymore so, after talking it over with his wife Black Ship Grooming was born.