Saturday, April 24, 2021

Harry’s Shaving Cream - Eucalyptus

Company: Harry’s
Product: Harry’s Shaving Cream - Eucalyptus

Once again I found myself looking on the shelves of our CVS and found a whole new setup devoted to shaving. The CVS by me is going through a kind of metamorphosis. This happily included the shaving section which was ignored for some time. Things have certainly changed which lead me to pick up a few items they had brushes, shaving creams, splashes, pomades it was a shocker to see. One that caught my eye was Harry’s shaving cream now I have seen this before but it was never in this store before and since I’ve never used it I thought it was time to give it a review.

The packaging is like any modern shaving cream I do like the flip-top this makes it much easier to use and the writing is easy to read unlike the Method Men I used a few weeks ago.

The scent (eucalyptus) is just fine no problems but I didn’t notice any other choices unless I missed them on the shelf or maybe this was the only one they had stocked.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Vintage Barbershop - Tallow Version

Tallow has had its pros and cons for as long as I have been into wet shaving and I’m sure it will continue after I’m long gone. I’ve seen everything from Beef, Dear, Duck, and Pig fat the list goes on. Some artisans even render it themselves. I’ve always strived to look for the best beef fat I can use in my tallow-based shaving soap pucks we released a few years ago.

We had some great feedback on them and since then the biggest question was when do you think you’ll have them in a soft-based formula. We thought about this, did we want to make a change out of hard pucks? So looking at trends we decided to reformulate the tallow puck into soft-based tallow shaving soap. We think this makes perfect sense for Wet The Face and our customers. We hope you enjoy the new formula let us know what you think.

Wet the Face

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Maggard’s Razors - Groves of Italy

Company: Maggards
Product: Groves Of Italy

Today we have a new sample from Maggard’s Razors. If you don’t know who they are your most likely new to wet shaving. Maggard Razors was established in October 2012. A husband and wife team – Brad and Casie Maggard – has become one of the premier online and retail stores for getting wet shaving products. They have about 10 employees and offer straight razors, safety razors, thousands of wet shaving supplies, and restoration services. One could say they are very successful.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Method Men Shaving Cream

Company: Method Products
Product: Method Men Shaving Cream

Whenever I’m out doing errands no matter the store if they have a shaving section I always take a peek. This time I was in bed and bath and I found something I never tried before it’s called Method Men Shave Cream.

The packaging is attractive but the light gray with white text is extremely hard to read but other than that I like the way it looks and like the flip top to open and close lid it's appreciated.

The scent on this cream seems to be floral but the website reads it a crisp clean nautical note. Be that as it may, it still smells good but wouldn’t use it every day I would grow tired of it pretty fast.