Saturday, May 19, 2018

Georgetown Pottery - G20 Scuttle

Company: Georgetown Pottery
Product: Georgetown G20
Inventor: Dr. Chris Moss
First One Created by Sara Bonnyman Pottery
A second look 3 years later...

I never saw one until I started to wet shaving a few years ago. I couldn’t figure out what the heck it was let alone what it did but I knew everyone was very excited and wanted one. I wrote about this experience on March 26, 2015, here is the link It describes my first encounter with a Shaving Scuttle.  Since then we’ve seen many artisans try to create their own version of the famous scuttle. Some good and have made improvements over the original others are just me too copies but I’ll let you decide which ones on your own.  For me, the Georgetown G20 has it all but the one caveat is this will break when dropped and its surprisingly heavy. I keep mine under the sink for when I feel like a hot lather shave.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Light Foot’s Shaving Cream Soap

Product: LightFoot’s Shaving Cream Soap
Location: Chester, England
Website: Do a Google Search

Well. I knew it would happen again at some point and it did this week with LightFoot’s Shaving Cream Soap. One of the worst shaving experiences I’ve encountered in a long time. This soap came in a subscription box a few years ago and I avoided using this until it was one of the last things left I didn’t try. I wish I would have just thrown it out.