Saturday, August 8, 2020

Straight Razors & The Art Of Shaving

Products: Art of Shaving / Titan Straight Razor  

When it comes to straight razors they've always had this certain appeal to me. Ever since I found wet shaving I feel the straight razor users are at the top of this hobby. 
It takes skill which has to be learned over time because you can do damage to one's face let's be real here this is a dangerous method of shaving considering the options we have today.

They come in all types and with different Grinds, Points, Notches, Materials like Stainless Steel, Carbon, Swedish Steel the list goes on. You also have to be aware of what comes along with being a straight razor user the caring and maintenance of which is just as involved. 

I plunged into straight razors early in wet shaving and had joined a group on honing. We gathered in the summer where we had some very well known YouTuber’s all at picnic tables trying their hand at creating a sharp edge on Gold Dollar razors. I had my bag of stones like everyone else and we had personal lessons from some of the top straight razor users. I was doing pretty good not great but pretty good and even when we all left I would practice what I learned for a few weeks more. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Mason Boutique - Vivian A Second Look

I remember back in early 2016 I spoke to Jenny Marting from Mason Boutique. I told her how I loved the artwork on her products and wanted to review one of her shaving soaps. After some emails back and forth she agreed and I wrote that review which still gets plenty of traffic. Her soap gained so much attention it raced right to the top of many wet shavers lists but that was 5 years ago and so much has changed since then.

Today you can’t buy these shaving soaps under Mason Boutique nor can you buy them under the Brushguy Etsy store which was her husband's brush shop that’s because they have become what I think you can say exclusive with two companies. How do I know this well it says it right on the brush guy website under a banner which reads Brushguy is taking a short break Note from Shop Owner Feb 12, 2019 “I am now making brushes for West Coast Shaving and Strike Gold Shave.” which I would assume the shaving soaps would most likely follow suit. Which means you can still buy Mason Boutique its just under a different name.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Pre Shave & Shaving Cream (Red)

Company: Proraso
Product: Pre Shave & Shaving Cream (Red)

When it comes to Proraso products the sandalwood always comes to mind. This was one of the first shaving creams I’ve ever purchased. I have nothing bad to say about it some find it harsh on the skin due to the fragrance oils they use but that’s not the case for me it works perfectly. When it comes to the pre-shave I’ve tried it once awhile back so I think I’ll give it another go and see if my scores and my opinions have changed any.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Player One Turns 60 - SOTD

 I remember back in 1972 when I first saw the odyssey game console I was 12 years old. This was the first commercial home video game console on the market. My cousin had one and I would beg him all the time to play. For each game you would need to place these plastic sheets over the TV screen this would produce the static background graphics which the console couldn’t create and then you needed to insert a credit card like game cartridge into the console slot. At the time it was just magic to me but now of course things are a lot different and far more realistic than ever before.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Strike Gold Shave - Honest Abe

Company: Strike Gold Shave
Product: Honest Abe

Two weeks ago way before the holiday, Frank from Strike Gold Shave informed me he had a new shaving soap he wanted me to review and explained he was sending it out but unfortunately it never arrived and we missed the opportunity to review this on July 4th. So today I’m happy to say its finally here and we're taking a look at Honest Abe the new release from Strike Gold Shave.

This is a standard 5oz tube with a screw-on lid but you have to love the great picture of Abraham Lincoln that was used for the label and something I never noticed before was the addition of the side label which most likely had been on other tubs before.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Crowne & Crane - Deep Ellum

Company: Crowne & Crane
Product: Deep Ellum

For this review, we select the last sample from Crowne & Crane this one is called Deep Ellum. Now, I had no idea what was meant by Deep Ellum so I looked for an understanding the origins of and found it here at

Here's just a little sample of the article:
The history of Deep Ellum can be traced back to the late 19th century when it was settled by former slaves as a freedman’s town after the Civil War. Though the area was originally called Deep Elm in reference to Elm Street, it was pronounced “Ellum” by residents, and the name eventually stuck.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Frozen Lemon Ice - Wet The Face Release

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Frozen Lemon Ice

With the summer upon us, I thought it would be a great idea to move up the release date a bit on our new Frozen Lemon Ice. Heaven knows we could all use a break from everything going on not to mention the sweltering heat.

I have to say, I enjoyed the process of creating this packaging design I even tried to create a little something from the movie Frozen which I hope you noticed. It was just a fun way to get the point across.

For this scent, I took the essence of tart lemons and mix it to perfection with a menthol. This tart lemon scent is spot on if you have lemons at home just cut one open and compare.