Saturday, May 11, 2024

Shaving & Talking #19

In this shaving and talking I decided to use The Sport Of Kings, easy to lather, great scent what's not to like? Since this was the dupe of Polo Sport Blue I went with using the Nebula shaving bowl. What a stunning bowl it is, I love how it changes colors depending on how it's being held in the light.

I created an amazing lather and the shave was one I needed badly since I missed my Sunday shave and had to wait until I had a full 8 days of growth. Even at work, my friend noticed I didn't shave wondering what was wrong. I told them I completely forgot since I had so much to do which was the truth.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Unforgettable New From Wet The Face

I'm excited to Introduce Unforgettable, our latest addition to the Wet The Face shaving soap and after-shave collection. This amazing scent is a woody blend of tobacco, amber, and oud, complemented by fresh notes of mandarin and bergamot. Experience an unforgettable shave as the rich lather makes your skin smooth and moisturized. With its captivating aroma, Unforgettable will surely create lasting memories she will never forget. I'll be adding this one to my den soon it's that good.

Elevate your shaving routine with this exceptional soap and leave a lasting impression with its irresistible scent.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Shaving With Land Ho!

Today I reached back into the review box from the past and pulled out two products from Captain's Choice, Land HO!'s shaving cream and balm. No bowl lather today but it was a great shave.

The Captain's shaving cream had been lying on its side for a while and when it was opened it revealed the shaving cream had all moved to the side of the tub so I had to mix it up a bit before use. I first thought that maybe the cream was too old to use but that was not the case it just needed a little mixing and it turned right back to when I first received it.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Shaving With La Toja Stick

Today is my first try using the shaving stick La Toja and let me say this now I'm not digging the scent one bit. Now that I have that out of the way I can tell you a little about this regarded shaving stick.

La Toja is a renowned Spanish brand known for its luxurious shaving products, including its iconic shaving stick. La Toja shaving sticks are celebrated for their rich lather and moisturizing properties, providing a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

Made with natural ingredients, such as mineral salts from the La Toja island off the coast of Galicia in Spain, these shaving sticks offer a unique blend of nourishment and skincare benefits. The mineral salts are believed to have therapeutic properties, soothing the skin and leaving it feeling refreshed after each shave.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

First Time Using Speick Shaving Stick

Today I use for the first time a shaving stick called Speick. I have used Arko's stick and on my first try I didn't use it correctly I was brought up on wet shaving charges for misuse of wet shaving equipment with the community. I did go back and make another video doing a stick shave properly. I will use the same method here using Speick.

This all came about during a conversation with my friend Dan he sent me two links to shaving sticks the Speick and the other La Toja. The La Toja has a scent that I clearly point out in the video I do not like but am willing to try in our next video.

The box that this came in has seen better days. Once it was removed from the box you could see the foil-like wrapping which covered the stick. Normally you would peal the foil back every time you need to reach an unused section of the stick. I didn't do that I pealed all the foil off I don't have a problem with doing it that way.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Infinity & Nebula Purple Shaving Bowl

Today I'm proud to introduce a new product from Wet The Face. Introducing 3D-printed shaving bowls. As I've said in the past I set out to learn Fusion 360 and in a few months I felt confident to create a few products and this is one of them.

The inside of our shaving bowl was designed to promote lather creation. The purpose of this specially designed textured bottom is to aid in breaking down the shaving soap or cream, incorporating air into the lather, and evenly distributing it across the bristles of the shaving brush. This process results in a thick, creamy lather that softens the beard hair, moisturizes the skin, and provides lubrication for a close, irritation-free shave.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Dirty Girl Betty New From Wet The Face

Today I'm excited to release a new product from Wet The Face, Introducing the latest addition of shaving products: Dirty Girl Betty - Mechanic in both shaving soap and aftershave. Inspired by the fearless women who took on men's challenging and dirty jobs during World War II, this shaving soap is just as tough and resilient as the brave ladies who inspired it.

Crafted with care, Dirty Girls Shaving Soap provides a lather that is rich, creamy, and incredibly smooth, making for an unparalleled shaving experience. Whether you're a seasoned shaving pro or a newcomer to traditional wet shaving, this soap is guaranteed to please.

The Dirty Girls series pays tribute to the women who worked tirelessly to support the war effort and defend our freedom. They were just as proud to be American as the men they fought alongside, and their courage and sacrifice will never be forgotten. Wet The Face is proud to honor these brave women with shaving products embodying their spirit and resilience.