Saturday, November 23, 2019

Zu Zu's Petals - Wet The Face

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Zu Zu's Petals

Today we look back at Zu Zu’s Petals shaving soap. A release that was inspired by this 1946 sleeper movie which became the standard for Christmas viewing some time ago. The scene which inspired this shaving soap captures the touching moment when George's youngest daughter Zu Zu's received a flower from her teacher which is falling apart she asks her dad to paste it and George pretends to place the pedals back on the flower but secretly places them in his pocket.

This shaving soap has delighted many throughout the year. I've even received emails from many women of husbands who bought the shaving soap and asked for it to be made as bar soap and balm lotion.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Valyrian Steel - Wet The Face Release

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Valyrian Steel

One of the reasons I had HBO was for The Game Of Thrown’s. I waiting for more story which gripped me and millions of others each week. So when I heard that this was going to be its last season I knew I had to make a shaving soap but what would it be about A White Walker? A kingdom’s location? I thought about this hard and finally came to the conclusion that the most important element to the story is Valyrian Steel. So that’s what I set out to create something very complex and according to the legend hard to forge. 

Saturday, November 9, 2019

It's A Wonderful Shave - Holiday Release

Last year we introduced what I think was one of the best-themed shaving soaps of the season called It’s a wonderful shave. Based on the movie it’s a wonderful life it has the picture of George Bailey at the time he figured out it was better to be alive and how his life touches everyone around him.

This truly captures what it would be like walking down Main Street during Christmas time in Bedford Falls. The notes include all the holiday flowers and the softest whisper of spices, with bottom notes of balsam and pine. It's one that's sure to come out every holiday but use it each time you shave to remind yourself that you do have "A Wonderful Life".

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Pinon - Wet The Face Holiday Release

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Pinon 

Well, November is here and the Holidays are starting up again and so are my Holiday Releases for 2019. We are bringing back a few of the ones from last year including a request from our facebook group. The selections are as follows. Mr. Warlock, It’s A Wonderful Shave, Zuzu Petals, Pinon, and Valyrian Steel

This is the most we ever offered during the holidays. There are three reasons why we have five shaving soap this year. One would be I held back Valyrian Steel as a holiday release and the second Mr. Warlock was the request from our Facebook group to bring it back. The third would be Zu Zu Petals being that this is around all year I still wanted to include it. How could we ever forget Zu Zu Petals?

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Wet Shavers Club

Company: Wet Shaving Club
Product: Razors & Blades

It’s been some time since I did a review on a subscription box I used to love getting them each month but since I have a good idea of what I like they don’t appeal to me as much. One thing I do love is saving money and as any wet shaver knows we start out in this direction but soon after if you're not careful it can get out of hand pretty quick. That being said I was interested in what wet shaving club was offerings for the wet shaver. They had contacted me two weeks ago with an interesting offer. They wanted me to review their service which is a sort of subscription for razor and blades for an insanely low price for the year. So after I told them I would do an honest review of what I think they said we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

McStachio & Co. Back On Track

Company: McStachio & Co.
Product: Coconut, Ginger, Almond
Founder: Jeannie & Alexander McGeehan
Location: Baltimore, Maryland


When you do a great review on a product and you know this is going to be a hit after a while of not seeing it pop up you wonder what going on?. You know it was fantastic but what went wrong? In many cases, a hobby that turns into a business is just something that the artisan never intended to happen and everything gets overwhelming for him or her to handle. Take it from me being a soap maker takes a lot of time and dedication and if you're not committed it will overtake you. Then we have times when the family is the priority and nothing else matters and that’s the case with McStachio & Co. back in 2016.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Looking Back at Shaving Soap Tins

I remember when I was just starting off in wet shaving we had so many artisans using tins back then they had this nostalgic feel and they looked pretty cool too. I had a den full of them but since then most artisans have switched to plastic tubs and like most wet shavers I’ve thinned my collection of tins and shaving soaps over the years considerably. Last week I was waiting for some new products to come in the mail for review and I was thinking I should go back again and take another look at my tin collection. I still have a few which I keep around and use from time to time andI to my surprise I still had one that I've never used. Once I found it I knew I had to do a review. For this review one would need to know the following:

• Who’s shaving soap was it?
• Has this dried out over time?
• Would it still lather,
How would the performance be after all this time dormant?

Well, let’s find out.