Saturday, October 21, 2017

Skullbuster Soaps / Kumbaya

Company: Skullbuster Soaps   
Product: Kumbaya
Founder: Alec Goenner
Location: Egg Harbor, New Jersey

We have a new artisan in the wet shaving community hailing out of Egg Harbor New Jersey his name is Alec Goenner of SkullBuster soaps, He is making a name for himself with some very impressive offerings. I received 5 samples of his tallow-based shaving soaps about two weeks ago and let me tell you the scents on these are fantastic. We have Casa de CafĂ©, Cucumber Mint, Five O’clock Shadow, For the Love of Leather and Kumbaya which is the one I connected with and is what this review will be based on. As soon as I opened the sample it became my favorite.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Elvado Shaving Cream

Company: Elvado
Product: Elvado Shaving Cream
Location: Shakespeare, Ontario, Canada  

Today we look at shaving cream that comes from the company Elvado. They offer a unique pump dispenser shaving cream line but in addition, they have the conventional tin style as well. Along with shaving creams, they also have aftershaves tonics. These have no alcohol so less sting but they're formulated to help with healing. For this review, I will concentrate on the Tin shaving creams and follow up with another review for the Pump shaving creams later.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

OSP Obsessive Soap Perfectionist / Neroli

Company: OSP Obsessive Soap Perfectionist
Product: Neroli
Founder: James Riley
Location: London, England

Today we have another great shaving soap artisan out of London, England. They call him “The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist” OSP for short. This name was lovingly given to him by his adoring fans. I know him as James Riley. About two years ago I started hearing some buzz about this shaving soap artisan from England and getting rave reviews so I tracked him down and asked to pay for the shipping on the samples he wanted to send me and from that day on I was hooked on his incredible soaps.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

JabonMan / EUFROS Premium GEA

Company: JabonMan
Product: EUFROS Premium GEA
Founder: Manuel Garcia
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Website: -

Every once in a while, you hear buzz about a hard to find shaving soap that’s getting lots of attention. I’ve checked back on my community and only seen it come up about 3 times in the SOTD postings so I’d say It’s pretty obscure. I never found out who or where this artisan was or how to order it until about four months ago when my friend Melvin Hollenberg who lives in the Netherlands sent me this letter explaining he wanted to contribute to our giveaways and provided us with two shaving soaps and a straight razor as well. The straight comes from the company Solingen and it’s just stunning. The soaps are from Spain and we have two tins of them. One is premium tallow the other just says premium so no tallow. They just happened to be the ones I’ve been looking for but sadly for me, I’m not able to keep them because all of these items will be part of our Dec giveaway the last one of 2017.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Real Shave CO. (RS)

Company: The Real Shave CO.
Product: Shave2 Cream / Post Shave Balm
Location: England

So far, our UK care package has given us some wonderful products to talk about and this week is no exception. Today I bring you a shave cream and post shave balm from The Real Shave Company. Hard as I might I couldn’t find the shaving cream under the name “Shave2” on the website. I think it now goes by the name of "Traditional Shave Cream" this unique shaving cream is “Double concentrated” which gives you more slickness and glide for a comfortable shave.

The packaging is the standard tube with a flip to open lid. A giant RS logo on the front along with product name and description and amounts in ml and oz this one is 150ml or 5.07 fl oz. BTW after taking a second look, I found the packaging is now a light blue and no longer in the brown which is displayed here.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Erasmic Shaving Cream

Company: Amber House Ltd
Product: Erasmic
Location: United Kingdom
Website – Google for best price

Again, from the UK care package we have selected another shave cream called Erasmic for this week’s shave. This is a product of Amber House Ltd.  The product states that it has the same great formula since 1886 but maybe they should tweak it a just a bit.  A little more on that later.

The packaging is very attractive with a bold red box with white text except for the product name which is in black and some other accents. The tube holds about 7.5ml with a screw on cap but I would rather if it had a flip top.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Phoenix & Beau / Denali

Company: Phoenix & Beau
Product: Denali
Founders: Kerry & Sarah Burrows
Location:  Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England

Another look into our care package from the UK brings out a menthol delight called Denali a seasonal shaving soap from Phoenix & Beau based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, a family business founded by Kerry & Sarah Burrows in 2015. Kerry spent nine months building and testing a formula that led to the creation of a vegan and, some time after, a tallow based soap. After extensive testing with the group “The Shaving Room” Phoenix & Beau was launched in February 2016 from Kerry’s home-based studio. Here they continue to work together to bring the wet shaving community amazing products.