Saturday, June 25, 2022

Captain's Choice Eucalyptus & Mr Warlock

This week we received a package from Captain’s Choice and inside we found a new aftershave called Eucalyptus. Also inside the box was a note explaining that the shaving soap is not available yet so with that information in hand I’m going to use my Mr. Warlock which is a Eucalyptus, camphor, and peppermint shaving soap. This shaving soap was such a hit I had to take it off the holiday release list due to the requests to make it available all year round. 

The focus is not on Mr. Warlock but if you want to witness the shave may I suggest taking a look at the YouTube video. I will however compare the eucalyptus scents which we took great pains in selecting for our shaving soap. I personally prefer our scent over the Captain’s but that’s not the complete story with this aftershave. 

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Colgate Shave & Peaky Blinders

Recently I found a Colgate puck and I remembered using it around 4 years ago so I thought it would be a good idea to give this one more try. For this shave, I'm going to need my barber mug which I only take out on occasions like this. The one I have is very common in the wet shaving community but I just dig the way they look.

This is a solid hard puck with something that I just can't make out that is stamped on its face. The box it came in seems worn and I notice after not finding a date of production I see a 1-800 number for answers to questions you might have. Now 1-800 numbers started in 1967 so my guess is that this puck is at least 55 years old or less. That being said, I'm happy to have one in my collection to try again.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Nancy Boy Shave - Night Sky - New Products

Last week I had a call from a few friends and we got to talking and with each conversation, I concluded that Nancy Boy Shaving Cream was one of my top picks in many categories, As I look back at the last time I used this shaving cream it was 4 months ago and that's just way too long to wait.

If you never tried it don't wait any longer now is a perfect time. I will recommend the fresh, light signature scent this will elevate your shave to the next level and put a smile on your face all day long. The post-shave feel is fantastic along with its slickness and glide that will make your shave effortless.

This one shaving cream has changed my mind on what shaving creams should be this is what I judge all shaving creams against and if it stands up to this one then it gets to stay in the den.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

AquaMarine Shave & Kate From Netflix

I was looking for something to shave with this week and came across an original formula puck of AquaMarine from Fine Accouterments. Created with the help of West Coast Shaving Aquamarine evokes the carefree feeling of relaxing sea-side, under a warm sun, accompanied only by the rhythmic sound of the surf. Um, not my words but I thought it sounded good from the website. Notes of lemon, sweet orange, rosemary, algae, oakmoss, driftwood, amber, and musk you might have to stand on the lifeguard tower to find them all.  

The current version of the soap from Fine is a hybrid of tallow and veggie created in Italy. It combines tallow acid with coconut oil, mango seed oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil. It contains no artificial colors or harsh chemicals. I don't have the new one so I can only give you my impressions of the one I have. It's a good performing shaving soap, but if you're looking for the sent to knock you over the head, this one is not for you.