Saturday, July 28, 2018

Oz Shaving Co. - YellowBrick

Company: Oz Shaving Co.
Product: YellowBrick
Founder: Ian Duermeier
Location: Kansas

Last year I contacted Ian and in our conversation, I asked about a new line of shaving soaps he was introducing to the wet shaving community. I was pretty excited to try the samples he wanted to send me but as I waited for the parcel to arrive I slowly realized this was not going to happen. My excitement faded away with the passing of time and I completely forgot about Ian and his new company. Then last week ( 9 months later ) a package arrived and inside was a shaving soap, and Post Shave Tonic with a note explaining just what happened to the OZ Shaving Co. As it turns out Ian decided to go back to the drawing board to rework the formula and tallow & stearic acid-base was born. This new formula is outstanding and I’m glad Ian remembered me.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Declaration Grooming LLC - TSM Fougere & Greg Wagner's Custom Brush

Company: Declaration Grooming LLC
Product: TSM Fougere
Location: of Morenci, MI. 
Founder: Scott Stewart

Today we look at the rest of the care package sent to us by our subscriber Chris and inside we have TSM fougere L&L Grooming. Also making an appearance a new custom brush from Greg Wagner. 

When I first looked at the shaving soap I was shocked to find out it was from the company formally known as L&L Grooming. I remember doing a video back in 2015 a new startup was just coming online and running it was Scott Stewart. Now 3 years and 2 name changes later we have Declaration Grooming LLC still owned and operated by Scott Stewart out of Morenci, MI.  During that time Scott has put in countless hours into his company along with research into crafting his product which is completely handmade in the US. He is a one-man show, from recipe formulation, web design, product crafting, photography, customer and vendor relations, marketing, and all of the other endless duties that go into starting and running a business of any size - He takes responsibility for each and every one of them.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Barrister and Mann - Reserve Cool

Company: Barrister and Mann
Product: Reserve Cool
Location: Cooperstown N.Y.

One of my first purchases of samples soaps was Barrister and Mann from the way of Maggards Shaving Supplies. Everyone was abuzz over them and I wanted to join in on the frenzy. This was a few years ago and I was able to order all of them at once to see what I liked. When they arrived I was taken back by some of the scents and I experienced first hand what the fuss was about then I picked up ROAM. This was really not my cup of tea. I guess they all can’t appeal to everyone. On that day 5 out of the 7, I order I really liked. So when I received the Reserve Cool for me to try I was very happy to report how fantastic this one truly is.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Laniess & Le Pere Lucien Shaving Soap - Honey

Company: Laniess & Le Pere Lucien Shaving Soap 
Product: Lainess Barber Soap Honey

Having a YouTube channel can be draining at times but once in a while when you least expect it someone sends you a package with some wonderful products like last week. I received two items from Pierre Palmolive Shaving Cream and also a sample of a French artisan’s shaving soap called Lainess made with fresh donkey milk. What comes to mind was the La Savonniere Du Moulin review and how that hard puck caused such a ruckus in the wet shaving community mostly it was the packaging that was puzzling people. We don’t have that silliness here with Lainess but what we do have is a solid performing shaving soap with an amazing scent and post shave feel.