Saturday, January 25, 2020

Taconic Shave Excalibur Shaving Soap

Company: Taconic Shave
Product: Excalibur Shaving Soap

I see many SOTD or shave of the days and recently I’ve seen some around this one particular shaving soap called Excalibur. A Product by Taconic Shave a New York company in the Hudson Vally creating all-natural products and sold by Super Safety Razors. Excalibur comes in a tin and it’s been some time since I've seen tins of shaving soap on the market so that made me even more interested so I ordering one.

The package arrived in a timely fashion. The tin was one of the ones I’ve purchased when I first started in wet shaving. it was a push to close not a screw-on lid. The surprise was inside when it relieved a glycerin puck. Disappointed at first I held the puck close to my nose and man the disappointment faded away.

The scent has notes of musk and woods and lets me say this now don’t forget the aftershave splash. You're going to want to take this scent with you after the shave is over.

I bowl lather and wanted to try doing that with this soap. The problem is with glycerin soap it's hard to place in a bowl so I did the next best thing. I put the puck in the bowl and started to load my brush as the brush began to load fully I took the puck out of the bowl and switched to bowl lathing and it worked out perfectly.

As I applied the lather it got right into the beard providing great coverage. I used my Occam’s Razor Nano for this shave and it did not disappoint. Excalibur has great slickness and glide allowing me to go over trouble spots without the fear of irritation. The post shave feel was a good one as well. Unfortunately, the scent didn't last passed the shave and that’s why I mentioned getting the aftershave splash because you will want to take this scent with you throughout the day.

So, the elephant in the room is that it's a glycerin soap but don’t let that sway you from trying it. Was it the best shave I ever had no but it certainly was not the worst. It was above average glycerin soap for me and it will be in the rotation of my den.

Company: Taconic Shave
Product: Excalibur Shaving Soap 4oz $12.50

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