Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review - Dr. Jon's Krampus Shaving Soap

Company: DR. Jon’s
Product: Krampus Shaving Soap
Location: Delaware Ohio

Last week a white box was dropped at my front door by the carrier because it wouldn’t fit in our mail box. I looked down and there I saw a picture of DR. Jon with his Top Hat & Glasses sporting a great mustache. The front panel of the box read “The Cure for the Common Shave!”. For the contents of the box was most certainly uncommon, Krampus had arrived. Those of you not familiar with this folk lore, Kranpus would punish bad girls and boys during Christmas giving them coal unlike Santa Clause who rewards good children with presents, this is very popular in European countries.

As I opened the box I saw this wonderful color booklet showing all of the products DR. Jon has created since he's been open. Then nestled in the packaging was the aftershave and soap. I could smell the scent without even opening the tin. This was a 4oz tin with a very wide opening for loading your brush. The lid held on by a deep red elastic band that stretched across it’s circumference. Once the seal was broken I took in the scent and could not for the life of me figure it out without looking at the notes on the lid. Honey, Myrrh, Cider, Berries, Anise, Fear.
After using it for a while I kind of made my mind up on what I was sensing. Berries upfront then either Honey or Cider next but it seemed like lots more going on then what was listed. I then placed some of the after shave on and had my wife give it a test and I got the thumbs up!

Since the holidays where upon us I didn’t get to try this until a few days later and for this shave I sporting about a 3-day growth. I used my skull brush I received from Sweden a gift to myself. When I opened the tin I noticed that the soap didn’t look like the DR. Jon’s that I was used to so I sent a text out I found an adjustment was made to the soap making process. This translated into a better experience with loading. I was able to place more pressure on my brush and didn’t feel like I was going to scoop all the soap out of the tin. At this point the brush was ready in less then a min or two and it was on to the face lather and while doing so I noticed an increase in scent along with producing a creamy thick rich lather.

For my shave I used my Scotch and Stowe Fatty and had slickness and glide that was more than ample. When I applied the aftershave it stung,  a bit of a surprise for me. Let me point out that once you apply the aftershave you better like this scent because it’s going to last for hours. By the way when Dr. Jon creates a scent he does it in his head first. “I can usually get the scent spot on the first go round. Kim thinks it's odd that I can "smell" in my head”

I’m not sure this scent is for everyone but if you want to try something different and your into strong scented soaps this is the one for you.

Dr. Jon's Krampus Vegan Shaving Soap $14.95

now that you read about it see the video

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