Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review - Skinplicity Bath & Body / Shaving Soap

Company: Skinplicity Bath & Body
Product: Shaving Soap / Peppermint
Founder: Diana Keefe
Location: Canby, OR

In Oct of 2015, I came across an ETSY company called Skinplicity. Later I found out they also have a .com website under this name The product line is pretty extensive; there’s soap for just about every part of your body including Men’s Shaving Soap. Diana calls it a Glycerin soap but that ingredient ranks about 3rd on the list. This soap is made in small batches and has no animal fats or by-products. I had a small conversation with her and she was very secure in the fact that I would enjoy her product so I purchased one. This soap comes in 7 scents: SENSUOUS SANDALWOOD, BLUE VELVET, TOBACCO & BLACK TEA, BARBER SHOP, BAY RUM, FRESH LIME and PEPPERMINT which is what this review will be based on. I have a confession to make here, with so many things going on in my life I’d forgotten about this package until now six months later – My Bad.

The puck comes in plastic shrink wrap with a paper label on top. It’s molded to fit into shaving mugs. The strange thing about this product has to do with how many ounces it is. The product label states that the puck is 3oz but on the websites the picture has 4oz and in both locations the description refers to it as 3.5oz, so your guess is as good as mine.

After I placed this into the lathering bowl it hit me, why is this soap brown? I could see if I purchased Sandalwood but for a peppermint scent making it pure white would be more appropriate. I used my Zen Shave brush for this lather with medium backbone which was perfect for the job. I added water to the brush and rung it out in the bowl and started to lather. The scent was increasing and at this point brown suds started to appear which thankfully turned to white. I think I added a little too much water because the process took longer than normal but soon I created a rich creamy lather that was amazing. The lather provided wonderful coverage including great slickness and glide for my R89 Grand razor. The post shave feel was impressive as well.

So I had a great shave and give the soap high marks. I know some Wet Shavers seem to frown upon Glycerin based soaps. Over the course of a year doing shaving videos and writing articles   I’ve come across some great shaving soaps of all kinds including glycerin, I’ll just say this in closing, you don’t have to hide the fact that you like a particular glycerin soap. Don’t let ANYONE tell you what to like or dislike that is totally up to you. Enjoy your Hobby.
Company: Skinplicity Bath & Body
Product: Shaving Soap / Peppermint 3oz $5.50

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