Saturday, July 2, 2016

Review - The Single Edge

Company: Supply Provision Co.
Product: The Single Edge
Founder: Patrick Coddou
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Craig Bruce once said “You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for. The same holds true for my new razor called The Single Edge from Supply Provision Co. It took almost a year to arrive. This was a kickstarter which had a great following. The project launched on August 4, 2015 and on August 5 with 890 backers they successfully raised $78,279 and the project was funded. Great example of why startups are avoiding banks now days. The way I backed this project $80 was at the level which allowed me to get a case, 3 shaving head settings and a set of blades.

When you purchase a razor from Supply Provision they want you to know that your now part of the team and your part of something much more then just the razor. You now have something thats worth handing down for generations. Your on a journey that’s just beginning and good things are coming.

Out of the box the razor needs to be fitted with a blade. To do this you first must decide what kind of shave you’re looking for. • Sensitive ••Classic •••Aggressive This is indicated by the dots on the different exchangeable heads. I picked Classic. When you first pickup the razor you’ll notice how heavy it is. By turning the razor on it’s back you’ll find the only thumb screw which needs to be removed. It takes less then 30 sec to make these changes and once you have your setting installed your ready for the blade.

Installing a blade is easy. By using the injector tool, you insert a new blade inside the razor without even touching it. The razor is keyed to the injector so you can’t make a mistake. If you have one that’s is already inside it will eject out allowing the new one to take its place.

I wanted to use shaving cream to give me the best slickness and glide I could get in case things didn’t work out. Before I was about to shave I noticed how smooth the handle was but not once did this cause a problem. I had total control no slippage what so ever. Maybe it’s the weight of it I’m not sure. Even though I was applying very little pressure the razor cut through my 5-day growth with ease. I was able to go over spots with no irritation. My setting of classic was the right one for me. If I took it up a notch to aggressive I might have been in trouble.  

I highly recommend The Single Edge it allowed me to get a clean close shave every time. As of this writing It’s too early to tell how many shaves I can get with just one blade but each one is outstanding.  

Company: Supply Provision Co.
Product: The Single Edge

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