Saturday, January 7, 2017

Review - Soap Commander / Vision

Company: Soap Commander
Product: Vision
Location: Ardmore, Alabama
Founder: Darren and Carrie

 Way back in March of 2015 I wrote my first article for Wet the Face Blog entitled Soap Commander “Do you have integrity”. Since then Darren and Carrie have moved to a new location in Ardmore, Alabama and have grown stronger than ever in the wet shaving community. Everyone absolutely loves the products and has nothing but wonderful things to say about them and the company.

Back then I purchased samples from them since I had no idea what I was looking for. I even brought them to work for my friends to share with. After going over them for a week I selected 4 of out of the 7 available at that time. Respect, Courage, Confidence and what this review will be based on Vision.

The tubs and the labels haven’t changed much over the years but why make changes to something that works so well.

The scent on Vision grabbed my attention right away with Aqua, Amber and the kick of mint I liked it so much I even purchased the same scent in the aftershave balm.

I bowl lather and in just over a min I producing an amazing amount of it. This is a hard soap but was easy to place into the bowl. The slickness and glide allowed me to go over spots without applying more lather. The post shave feel was amazing as well and I followed this up with the after shave balm which has some of the best healing properties of any balm I've used.

All of the products from Soap Commander are so well made and are very consistent performers. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. In all this time I’ve never come across a person who hasn’t like a soap commander product so….. Take Charge!

Company: Soap Commander
Product: Vision

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