Saturday, April 15, 2017

Review - Mystic Water Soap / Lemon Verbena

Company: Mystic Water Soap
Product: Lemon Verbena Shaving Soap
Founder: Michelle Burns, Soap Artisan
Location: Riverdale Park, MD 

Ok, let me start off by saying I screwed up. I ordered a refill instead of tub and because of that I can’t really say much about the packaging. I did however create my own out of a Pine Brother plastic case for cough drops. It was the perfect size after I sliced the puck down the middle and the label fit just right.

Michelle runs her shop out of Riverdale Park, MD where she’s been making artisan soap for over fifteen years. Her first foray into shaving soap was an eye-opening experience she quickly found out that it’s not as easy as making bar soap. So, after many failed attempts and reformulations Michelle got it right and lucky for us because her shaving soap is truly outstanding. 

Lemon Verbena is an herbaceous plant, a flowering shrub with lemon-scented leaves. It is used in cooking, added to herbal teas and in perfumery, and has a bright and uplifting light lemon fragrance but lemon is not the only scent here I do get other florals which I have yet to identify with each use I sense something else in the mix.  

Lathering was not a problem for Mystic. I bowl lather and in just a little over 1 min an amazing amount of rich creamy lather was achieved. The lather was able to penetrate my 5-day old beard and the slickness and glide was outstanding allowing me to go over areas many times without irritation. The post shave feel was just wonderful as well.

So, I had a wonderful shave with Lemon Verbena it has an enjoyable scent. I'm looking forward to trying other offerings from Mystic Water Soap.

Company: Mystic Water Soap
Product: Lemon Verbena Shaving Soap Tub $11.79 / Refill $9.91

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