Saturday, November 25, 2017

Review - Mavericks / Shave

Company: Mavericks
Product: Shave
Founder: Brad Yim
Location: SF, California
Founded by MIT engineers & developed in Silicon Valley

Our review begins with a trip back to 2014 a story about a guy named Pete. Pete had a hard time trying to find the right product for his sensitive skin. Whatever he used would cause him skin irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burn. I suffer from this myself and it can be very frustrating and painful, to say the least. It was so bad for Pete he even tried laser treatment on his face but nothing seemed worked.

We now cut to MIT where Pete’s engineering buddy worked to solve this problem for him. Instead of looking at a hardware solution he found the answer in software with a little inspiration from Steve Jobs and created a 3-in-1 shaving cream solution based on science which is how Mavericks Shave Cream was born.

As you can see, even the packaging is simple and functional. The box has the company name and the word shave on its face the back sports the objective of the product along with directions and ingredients. Taking the product out of its box and removing the plastic sleeve you find a modest-looking clear plastic tube 4 fl oz. with a flip open top. The company name is printed on the tube in black along with the word shave and a picture of a modern dual blade razor near the top. On the back-user directions. The hints of Steve Jobs are certainly clear in the creation of this product.

Most of you know that I bowl lather but Mavericks does away with all that taking the process to its simplest form. As the directions state you wet your face with warm water apply a small amount work it in then shave. As soon as you start applying the product you know this is going to be something different. The scent is fresh and clean along the lines of peppermint. I was surprised by how the cream started to change once it hit the water on my face. It went right to work creating an extremely slick surface and the feeling on my face was very invigorating.

I have to say this was the closest shave I’ve ever had. The slickness created by this cream allowed my razor to glide on my face with ease. I had no issues going over trouble spots without irritation. The best part was the post shave feel it felt like my face had come alive. Another plus was the feeling like I had applied an aftershave balm truly amazing product.

Not every product is without some criticisms and we have a few. This is not really a cream but more like a gel it’s going to clogs razors and being that I use a DE razor I found myself constantly monitoring mine during the shave. During one test shave, l had to take apart the DE razor in order to clean it properly. The second issue is the price, holy shit this stuff is expensive. Coming in at 4fl oz. for $25.00 that’s $6.00 a once which would make this the most expensive shaving cream I’ve ever used. That being said this is a fantastic product and would use it all the time if I didn’t have to do reviews testing other products. What I would like to see is a lower price point so it's not out of reach for the average consumer let’s not follow everything Steve Jobs is known for.

Company: Mavericks
Product: Shave 4fl oz. $25.00

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