Saturday, February 10, 2018

Proraso Red / Sandalwood

Company: Proraso Since 1908          
Product: Proraso Red Sandalwood
Founder: Ludovico Martelli
Location: Italy

If you're new to wet shaving and you’ve never heard of Proraso Red just go online and order yourself a tube you’ll thank me later. The reason I tell you this is Proraso no matter what color you purchase is basically flawless when it comes to performance and scent. Why not start out with one of the best shaving creams around so you can judge the rest of them with.

Proraso has wonderful products but not everything from them I like, for example, the aftershave balm I just didn’t like the feeling of it and this, of course, is a personal thing. They have a product line which is pretty simple to understand. We have Red (Sandalwood), White (Lime & Apple), Green (Evergreen), and Blue (Amber Musk). Each line includes Pre Shaving Cream, Shaving Soap Jar, Shaving Cream Tube, Shaving Foam Can, Aftershave Lotion, and Aftershave Balm. For this review, I’ll just concentrate on the shaving cream tube.

If a company has been around for 110 years you can say they must be doing something right. Proraso has made many changes along the way to become the global brand that it is but has never forgotten its roots. You have to like the style of the packaging because for me it brings back the old-time barber feel which I enjoy its part of the appeal for me.

The scent of red in a word is outstanding. It’s so good you’ll judge this against all others you come across. When it comes to lathering this cream will not let you down whether you face or bowl lather Proraso does it. I bowl lathered and it only took 30 seconds to bring it to what amounted to a thick creamy lather allowing me to get right into the beard with full coverage. The slickness and glide are tops with this cream no problems going over trouble spots. Post shave feel was also a pleasure but I'm going to stop when it come to using the Proraso aftershave balm. It's just me.

Company: Proraso Since 1908          
Product: Proraso Red Sandalwood $10.00

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