Saturday, June 16, 2018

Parthenon Adjustable Razor - QShave & WEISHI

Company: QShave & WEISHI
Product: Parthenon Adjustable Razor

When I saw this Kickstarter from QShave in early March of 2018 I was actually very excited about it. QSHAVE is a leading brand of men’s grooming and provides shaving supplies and service to over 100,000 customers worldwide every year. Partnering with them on this venture is WEISHI a manufactured of razors since 1988, and has produced millions of razors for big brands in US and European markets as an OEM vendor. They both have worked together on the creation of Parthenon which you think would yield a great result but sadly this is not the case.

My Kickstarter offering was at $49.00 this included a Razor and 1 Tin full of 5 blade pack for a total of 50 Feather blades. I was the 520th backer of this project on March 29th, 2018. I felt like I had entered into something that was really different a razor that would make some changes. The project was totally funded on April 2, 2018, with a total of 532 backers. As I waited for the day when I would have this in my hands it wasn’t long before the first email came telling us how things are going. April 11th it read “We just got the first sample out of the tooling. Better than we expected, just a few minor things need to be fixed. I think one design change we have made needs to be mentioned here. We found the adjustable dial is a little bit slippery, so we add a pattern on it. Now you can easily turn it even when your fingers are wet or with shaving soap lather.”

In May another email “The first batch of Parthenon razors about 200 pcs are ready. Looking good! We are doing the final quality check and packaging. We will ship them out based on the backer number. The rest of razors are already in production. They will be ready very soon.” This was getting exciting I couldn’t wait to see this thing in action.  On May 14 they announced a shipping error which benefited a few people with getting two razors great for some, unfortunately, I was not one of them.  Finally, on May 21 the email came that informed me my razor was on its way.

When it arrived you could see how carefully it was packaged and inside the bubble, wrapping was the tin of blades and the razor. The Parthenon is absolutely stunning and the chrome plating is flawless. Right away you notice the handle design it was inspired by Doric columns from ancient Greece and the head of the razor seems to take its shape from that as well. The weight of the razor is much heavier than I anticipated and for me, it had all the right proportions it fit well in the hand and the balance was just perfect.

So aesthetically it’s a perfect razor but that’s where perfection ends and the troubles begin. Before I continue let me make this perfectly clear, this was my experience and your mileage may vary.

The grip of the Parthenon was extremely unique it allowed me to really get a firm grip and never left my hand during my testing. Blade loading was also a non-issue. I was able to open the razor without a struggle using the twist to open method located and the bottom of the razor also located at that end is a magnet for picking up razor blades it’s a nice touch. I was able to drop in a blade and it was perfectly allied each time I tried.

While using the Parthenon I decided to select 3 as a starting point 9 being the closest shave setting. As I started to shave I noticed I wasn’t getting all the beard. I would try again and again over the same location but I felt something was wrong. I looked down and saw a buildup in the gap above and below the blade. It was so noticeable and looked awful I’ll just run this under hot water but it didn’t dislodge I tried a few times and finally I had to open the razor to wash it away. The entire shave I constantly had to open the razor to clean it out. It was at that point where I just about gave up and then I thought maybe the gap is too small for water to get in so I raised the number of the shave to 5 or 6. It was this point I was getting cuts all over my face but I preceded to demonstrate that even this setting was even giving me the same results of a clogged razor.

So, for everything else I gave Parthenon high marks except performance. Having a shiny new razor that’s as attractive as this in one's den is a wonderful addition but if it doesn’t perform well then what good is it.   Very disappointing.

Company: QShave & WEISHI
Product: Parthenon Adjustable Razor   $49.00 Kickstarter

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