Saturday, October 5, 2019

Caliber 5 Edge Razor and Blades

Company: Personna
Product: Caliber 5 Edge Razor and Blades

If you ever have seen my YouTube reviews you’ll know the one thing that's been consistent are the razor blades I use in all my double-edge razors which happen to be Personna Blue. I found them to perform the best for me and since I’m always testing hardware or software this keeps one aspect consistent and lets me know what I should expect.

Well, it turns out Personna was watching as well and reached out to let me know they had something they wanted me to review. I explained to them I would be truthful in my review and if they still felt they wanted to send me something I would be happy to do it. In about 4 to 5 days a package arrived from them containing a few things.

The first thing which made me very happy a box of Personna DE razor blades Can’t wait to do another review using them. Next up was a package full of Fusion razor blades and then a white box which contained a Caliber 5 Edge Razor along with what looked like 6 months worth of replacement blades. WOW!

Now I haven’t used a cartridge razor in some time so this will be interesting since they have gone through a metamorphosis of sorts over the years and I’m not sure what to expect but I’m excited to give this a try.

So I seem to remember that the handle would insert into the back of the blade head and click into place which is exactly what happened. After inspecting the blade I noticed how many blades are on this one and I counted 5 they do make a 6 blade razor however but to tell you the truth one is all you need. The handle itself felt good and was very light but did have some weight to it, unlike the plastic Bic disposables I used to use when I was 18 years old. The handle has a sleek design and the grip allowed me to hold on to it even when soap and water came in contact with it. I even liked the color of it as well.

One thing I didn’t notice however was this innocent looking light blue stripe on the top of the razor I thought it was just part of the design and had no function but I was wrong.

Once I had my lather ready I applied it with a brush and was ready to give this a try. It started great nothing wrong. I was getting a very smooth shave and then I noticed something happening a goo like substance was being emitted from that light blue stripe on the top of the razor. At first, I thought I was seeing things but closer inspection reveled I was correct. I didn’t expect this at all and found it to be presumptuous on Personna’s part but later realized I might be a little behind the times. My personal opinion on this is if you use a quality shaving cream or soap the need for the lube strip is unnecessary. They could be providing this because of inferior shaving foams which provide no protection any slickness or glide, nothing.

So, I did have a great shave and the slickness and glide the blue strip try’s to provide is minimal at best so having it is strictly a gimmick if you ask me. Get yourself an artisan shaving soap or cream and do a shave and see if that changes your mind on what makes a great shave its a combination of all these things which will make shaving a joy, not a chore.

Company: Personna
Product Caliber 5 Edge Razor and Blades

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